Guest Post: Five Easy Kid-Friendly Treats

Today I have a guest post to share with you.  This is by Lela Lake for Food PR experts Sauce Communications.  Hope you enjoy it! 
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Trying to keep the kids away from manufactured snacks with little to no nutritional value at all is the challenge all parents face. Here are a few handy ideas for quick treats for kids that not only taste great but will give them the right stuff to grow on:

1) Filled Celery Sticks

Even though many kids are fussy about vegetables, celery tends to be a favorite, so use it wisely and keep plenty on hand for quick snacks. They can be filled with cream cheese (especially the fruit-flavored ones) peanut butter and topped with raisins, dried fruit or sprinkled with a cinnamon/sugar blend.
Also be sure there is always a glass of water in the fridge with a few cut celery and carrot spears ready to go so that they will (hopefully) be snatched up as a quick snack.

2) Fruit Kabobs

Slice any combination of firm fruit like apples, pineapple, peaches or strawberries and you can add blackberries, cherries or grapes just as they are.
Cut up some of your child’s favorite cheese into little squares and place it between the fruit on a shish kebab sticks. For everyone’s sake, do break off the sharp end of the stick before serving. You can whip up a light dipping sauce with yogurt, ginger, lemon, a dash of cinnamon and honey.

3) Peanut Butter and Fruit

Peanut butter has a way of combining beautifully with many fruits, and kids enjoy both so much that it just makes sense to put them together. Spread crackers with peanut butter and top with bananas for a wonderful quick snack. Or cut up a fresh apple and provide the dish of peanut butter to dip it in.

4) Southwestern Sushi

You can tailor-make this recipe with your child’s favorite ingredients. The basic idea is to take a flour tortilla and cover one side with cream cheese. Add refried beans, cheese, sandwich meat or whatever fun leftovers you have, and roll the tortilla up tight and place in the fridge for an hour so.
Take out the chilled, filled tortilla and skewer with toothpicks about every 1 inch or so. Slice the tortilla between the toothpicks, remove the toothpicks and serve this handy finger food for a quick snack.

5) Deviled Eggs

It’s not hard to get children to eat hard boiled eggs, and it is even more fun when the yolks have been removed and blended was some light flavorings like mayonnaise, mustard, paprika and black pepper. These can be stored in a sealed container in a refrigerator for quick after school snack.
I’ll be sharing this post at some of these parties!

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  1. Thanks for the ideas! Not just for kids because I'd love to try these! I just started eating "ants on a log" last week so it was nice to find some other ways to do it with the cream cheese and cinnamon. Thanks!

  2. Prairie Story says

    Perfect snacks for kids (and mom). Thanks for sharing!

  3. All of these are delicious snacks..grandkids LUV 'em..:)

  4. jennoreilly says

    I do the celery sticks all the time filled with pb and then sprinkled with granola!

    Here from tidymom!

  5. Those are some great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

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