Does Your Kitchen Look Like a Post-It Commercial? Declutter Your Fridge and Bulletin Boards Today!

Do you guys post stuff on your fridge? Or do you have bulletin board in your kitchen for posting important items? I’ve always tried to keep our refrigerator neat and clutter-free, just posting something on it here and there. On the side of our fridge, I posted a few “important coupons” and some diabetes-related stuff for my husband who was just diagnosed back in November. Then all of a sudden…Boom! The refrigerator starts looking like a cluttered desk! A couple of weeks ago I was doing a general decluttering in the house, and I decided that this just wasn’t working:
I removed all the papers, coupons, and some of the magnets, leaving my little Menu Planner Board, a couple of magnetic notepads, and just a couple of cute magnets behind on the fridge. Much better!
So where did all the papers go?? They were moved to a secret location known only to a select few. I’m pleased to present the inside of the cabinet doors.
I remember when I was little my mom had a list of important phone numbers posted inside of our cabinets and a calendar. It’s a great place to post things where you can see them, yet still keep them hidden from the rest of the world. (And now every time hubby opens the cabinet to get out his meds, his blood sugar testing chart is right there in his face.)
And here’s my favorite part! I have a coupon binder for most of my coupons, but I like to keep a few really good ones out so that I will not forget to use them. I took all the coupons off the refrigerator and placed them in this “handy dandy coupon pocket.”

To make the pocket, I simply took a business envelope and folded back the flap. Then I just placed tape on the edges of the envelope (bottom & sides) and hung it up inside the cabinet. Because the envelope is extra wide you can place a bunch of coupons side by side and overlap them one behind the the other so that you can see several at one time. Here there’s only 6-7 coupons, but I’ve since added a bunch of others to the pack. This is also a great way to keep up with appointment cards.
So there you have it! A solution for decluttering that pesky fridge or bulletin board while taking advantage of all that empty (& hidden) space within your cabinets!


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  1. Great idea! I think I'll declutter my refrigerator now. You did a good job on yours!

  2. LOL! I can totally relate! 😀 Thanks for sharing! I'm going to repost on FB. 😀

  3. heartnsoulcooking says

    What a GREAT!!! idea. THANKS!!! for sharing.

  4. marineswife says

    Wonderful idea!! thanks for sharing!

  5. Way to organize! The fridge is so hard to keep clear of clutter. My mom did the inside of the cabinet trick too…an old yet, wonderful idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. Following you back from Friday Follow!

    I love your blog!

    I put a corkboard inside one of my kitchen cabinets for all my little notes and calender and such and LOVE having it there!

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