Work at Home Wednesday: Sock Sachets

This week I’m letting my resolutions and goals for the year begin, which includes coming up with a new schedule for my blogging and working to make this site a little more organized and structured.

On Wednesdays my plan is to do posts dealing with work at home topics. This could be anything from housekeeping tips and household projects to organizing or craft projects and even business ideas, tips, etc.for work-at-home-moms. And if I’m able to stay consistent with it and people like the future, I may turn it in to a linky event. What do you think?

For today’s post we have a simple and frugal project, and if you’re a packrat like me, you’ll definitely appreciate this. If you have old socks or baby booties around your house, why not turn them into sachets?
Sachets are so great to place around your home and in drawers for a fresh and pleasant scent, and by using socks or booties, you can save money and even create a personal keepsake.
Just take a really cute baby booty or sock that your child has outgrown and fill it with a little potpourri. (Find this at Wal-mart or the Dollar Store.) You could also use other scented items, including spices from your pantry. Cinnamon or nutmeg would be nice, and I read about an example where they used oregano & basil…interesting!
Or you could use anything else around your house with a pleasant scent. We had some lavender scented bath crystals, so I used some of these to make a sachet. Also, if you’re allergic or don’t like scented potpouri, you can put baking soda inside your sachets. There’s no fragrance to irritate you, and it will help deodarize your drawers and home.
After you’ve filled your sock or booty, tie it up with a cute ribbon. It makes a great keepsake for your home, or you could use them as gifts. Grandmothers would love to get one of these, and you could always add a couple of these to baby shower gift basket.
If you don’t have any kids, or you’re not too concerned with making anything cute, this is also a great project to use with just plain old socks. (You know the ones that should have been thrown away months ago!) Just take some scissors and cut off the toes off the sock (basically halfway between the toes and the heel. Then fill the sock with desired fragrance, and use a ribbon to tie it up, or tie the sock in a simple knot.

Does anyone else know some of some frugal craft or household projects made with things found around the house? I’d love some new ideas!


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  1. OH what a neat idea!! I am just not very crafty but trying to learn and this was great!! Thanks!!

  2. Wow, that's really going in the opposite direction – from a smelly sock to a smells nice sock.

  3. Jennifer @ Back at the hive says

    My step sisters did this at my baby shower. All the guests loved it!

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