New Shop & Blog Launch


While hubby’s been out of town as at a training conference, I’ve been a busy bee!

The new Simply Sweet Creations blog and shop have now been launched! Yay! The shop only has a few listings but you have to start somewhere. Right? And I promise there will be much more to come.

The new shop URLs are or

You can also access the new jewelry blog here:

New Newsletter:

If you’re interested, I’ve added a new newsletter to go along with the new blog. I’m not sure if I noted previously when I added the business blog or not, but in case I didn’t, I should note: Each of the three blogs has it’s own separate newsletter. So if you’re subscribed at Simply Sweet Home, you will only get Simply Sweet Home Updates. If you want be subscribed to 2 or all three of them, you will need to subscribe separately at each blog.

The Simply Sweet Creations newsletter will only come out once a month (unlike the SSH newsletter which comes out once a week). And it will include the latest post updates, new products, and sales. Also, if you subscribe to the newsletter, I’ll occasionally send out special coupon codes and subscriber-only sales. (If Hubby were here he’d say, “Oooh! How exclusive!”) And since Simply Sweet Home is my main blog, sometimes I’ll send out similar offers to the SSH subscribers as well.

New Button: Also, I was asked if there would be a new button for the shop. The answer is yes. You can find the new button code right beneath my Simply Sweet Home Button, or you can get it from the new SSC blog. Thanks to everyone who decides to display any of my buttons on your page. I really appreciate the promo!

Sneak Peak at Future Listings: I’m planning to add new listings gradually over the next few weeks. Here’s a sneak peak of some of the things I’ll be adding in the near future.



  1. How exciting! 😀 Beautiful jewelry! 😀

  2. keitley edd says

    How can we avail those fancy jewelries you had here?It looks nice for my daughter as my
    valentine gifts for her.

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