Holey Donuts Review & Giveaway

The other day the Fed-Ex guy left a big box at my door. I was thrilled and literally jumped for joy when I looked at the box label and read the words “Holey Donuts.” Today I’m pleased to tell you about my Holey Donuts Experience and tell you how you can win some Holey Donuts for your family.

Holey Donuts is a gourmet donut company that specializes in low fat, low calorie donuts. Obviously when we think of the word “donut” very few people think of the phrase, “low fat, low calories.” And then if we add the word “delicious” to that phrase, many would say, “Impossible. A delicious, low calorie donut? There’s no such thing.” Well, if you are one of those people, prepare to be amazed!

These premium, low fat gourmet donuts are made entirely by hand, requiring 22 steps from the mixing, hand rolling, cutting, and special patented cooking process. Donuts are then hand filled and each donut is decorated with the finest homemade care. They are then gently hand packaged and frozen and quickly shipped to you by FedEx.

Holey Donuts sent me a box of their Jumbo Reduced Fat Cinnamon Rolls, a box of Jumbo Reduced Fat Blueberry Vanilla Cinnamon Rolls, and a box of their Reduced Fat Mini Cinnamon Rolls. I can’t say enough about how great these are. Of the three, my favorite was the mini cinnamon rolls. The minis are the perfect size for a quick snack at home or work. I can heat up one or two and be perfectly satisfied. And because they come 16 to a box, they would be great to feed to your family in the morning. And they’d be an ideal snack to serve or take to a party.

I was impressed by the way the donuts were shipped and packaged. The donuts were shipped within a couple of days through Fed-Ex. Inside the cardboard shipping box was a Styrofoam cooler, and the bottom of the cooler was filled with packs of dry ice to ensure that your donuts remain frozen. And of course, inside the cooler each order of donuts is in a separate box. And they are high quality boxes that will protect your pastries from freezer burn.

The second thing that impressed me was the fact that the donuts can be prepared very quickly. I’ve grown accustomed to getting cakes and pies that need to be thawed over night and all day before they are ready to eat. With Holey Donuts, you just remove your pastry from the box, and place it in the microwave, cooking it at 5 second intervals. So in 30 seconds or less, you can have a hot fresh cinnamon roll. Imagine it: No more turning on the oven or heading out to your local bakery if you want a fresh donut or cinnamon roll. Excellent!

And finally the taste of these was just remarkable! They were hot and fresh. They tasted like something you would make at home or get from your finest bakery. They were incredibly sweet and flavorful. And it’s obvious that a lot of care went in to making them.

If you place an order with Holey Donuts, you won’t be disappointed. I would definitely recommend these to my friends and family, as well as my blogging pals. In case your curious, Holey Donuts has a ton of flavors to choose from. Here are just a few selections that I’d love to try:

Reduced Fat Boston Cream Oreo Cookie:

Low Fat Chocolate Crumb:

Low Fat Chocolate Fudge Crumb • Low Fat Vanilla Crumb • Low Fat Caramel Crumb:

Giveaway – One Winner Will Recieve the Following:

1- Full box of Jumbo Low Fat Cinnamon Buns (4)
1- Full box of Our Awesome Jumbo Low Fat Blueberry Vanilla Buns (4)
1- Full box of Holey Donuts! Low Fat Cinnamon Bun Middles (16)
+$150 Holiday spending cash!

Giveaway Closed. Thanks to everyone who entered!



  1. Ohmygoodness. I would love me some low fat donuts. I entered. Hope I win!

  2. I entered!!! Would love to try these!


  3. Eric and Sheryl Nelken says

    I emailed the company…they sound great!

    sherylnelken @ yahoo. com

  4. OH MY GOSH!! I SOOO want to win! What coudl be btter than healthy donuts and money to spend??? Seriously? WOO HOO!

  5. I entered!! I hope they ship to Canada!


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