Cheap Cookie Cutters Review and Giveaway

As my loyal readers know, this blog isn’t call Simply Sweet Home for nothing. Yes, we do love our desserts around here, especially cookies!

Recently I had the chance to try out some new cookie cutters from Cheap Cookie Cutters. I got a mini Mickey Mouse cookie cutter and three Christmas Cookie Cutters. My set included a Christmas Tree, Stocking, and Angel.

These were great! They shipped quickly to my house. And I was immediately pleased by their size and condition. Previously I’ve bought a set of hard plastic cookie cutters, and I have to that these are a lot better than those. They cut better, and the shapes come out very nicely. (Much better than those old plastic cutters I have!)

As I looked through the Cheap Cookie Cutters website I found a lot of noteworthy cookie cutters to tell my baking and blogging friends about. For instance, the site has an entire section of Disney Cookie Cutters, including Mickey, Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet.

They also have alphabet & number cutters and even United States Cookie Cutters. What a great–and not to mention, a yummy–way for kids to learn.

And there are so many other great cookie cutters to be found at this website. Also, if you go there now and put in the coupon code 10off at checkout, you get 10% off your purchase! So head on over there right now and pick up what you need for Christmas baking, or pick up something for your baking friends.

Giveaway: One Simply Sweet Home Reader will win a set of Christmas Cookie Cutters like the one shown above worth $11.99. To win, visit Cheap Cookie Cutters and then come back here and tell us your favorite cookie cutter or cookie cutter set.

Giveaway Closed. Thanks for entering!



  1. Vanillastrawberryspringfields says

    Wowow,u had me at 'POOH'- i so adore everybody at disney but winnie the pooh is my love,and have a really really really longggggggggggggg wish list……………..

  2. Vanillastrawberryspringfields says

    Just about posting on My blog about ur fantastic giveaway-Jerri am jus so so excited about these cookie cutters now……….
    My favs are 'ALL' but as of now as to be yeah the Christmas cookie cutter set-4 cutters in one set & yeah the christmas tree too!!!!
    Am going to sit with hot chocoltae and count the number of cahnces i have now….. :-))))))

  3. Vanillastrawberryspringfields says

    Oh ur welocome Jerri and honestly t'was my real pleasure-i had fun!!!!
    Ur site is really cute!!!!

  4. Nicole-Lynn says

    The Chihuahua cookie cutter is my favorite! How fun! There are so many cute ones!

  5. Nicole-Lynn says

    I'm already a follower on blogger 🙂

  6. Nicole-Lynn says

    I subscribe via email 🙂

  7. I like the Mini Mouse Ears Cookie Cutter!!

    rebeccalynn78 at

  8. Those are adorable cookie cutters! Its inspired me to make the gingerbread dough tonight and get baking.

    I love the castle cookie cutter. You could make an amazing gingerbread castle.

    If you get a chance, stop by my blog today and enter my children's Christmas book giveaway.

  9. suburban prep says

    Given the season they have had you might be surprised but I would love the Notre Dame cookie cutter.
    msgb245 at gmail dot com

  10. Its So Very Cheri says

    Thanks for coming by. I haven't got all my visits done yet–I've benn having all kinds of Google problems. more on that in a minute.

    I signed up to follow and will add you to my reader and I added your party button to my side bar. I hope you will come by and do the same. I have 3 parties each week.

    I have some plans to change a few things about my Friday party in January.

    Now as far as Google goes: I don't know how long you have been blogging (7 months for me) but I have had Google issues from early on. EX: I will have tons of traffic then all of a sudden nothing so I start checking things out and none of my posts show up. I get e-mails from people all the time who no longer get my info in their reader, they re-sign up for subscribe and it won't take their subscription, they follow me as well, Google lost hundreds of my subscribers like my numbers dropped from the hundres to under a hundred.

    Yesterday I had another e-mail asking why they weren't receiving my info. I post almost every day and they had not receiced anything in 2 weeks. I went to Feede Medic and everything was fine. I went to my Dashboard and looked at the list and none of my posts were showing, so I looked to the left of my Reader, at the list of subscriptions and looked up my name and clicked and it showed my newest post as 2 weeks ago. I then went to MY ACCOUNT and looked at the Reader, my blog was the second one down and it showed all but my newest post, that had been up for a couple of hours and still wasn't showing, I typed in my name and it came up with the same info. I scrolled down to the list of subscribers and looked up my name and it showed my newest post as 3 weeks ago, then I saw my name a second time and it showed the newest post…UGH-I don't think most people have even researched allof this but there are some major problems. My hubby said he wonders if Google hasn't laid off a bunch of people with the economy.

    Have you ever dealt with any of this or do you have any ideas or solutions. The past couple of days my numbers have started slowing down again. To go from over 2,000 visits to 900 to 600 over a 3 day period is a definite alarm warning.

  11. theoneredhead says

    I adore the United States map cookie cutters! Cheers


  12. I love the Sesame Street Cookie Cutters!

  13. I'm a follower!

  14. I like the baby bottle cookie cutter. I think it would help make really cute baby shower favors!

  15. I think me and the kids would like the Batman cookie cutter..

    heidivargas [at] live dot com

  16. Oh I adore the Christmas cookie cutter set, such fun.

  17. I love the Space Character Cookie Cutter set! My family decorates cookies together every Christmas, and I can only imagine how fun it would be to break these out and have people try to figure out what they were! What a great giveaway.


  18. I also entered in the Holey Doughnuts contest 🙂


  19. ~Miss Judy Bloom~ says

    ohh ~ please enter me! i love holiday baking!

  20. ~Miss Judy Bloom~ says
  21. says

    I loved the Dachshund doggie cookie cutter. I can make doggie biscuits for my Doggie Cujo.

  22. says

    My favorite set is the dinosaur set. I have a 5 year old grandson and when he comes to visit we like to do at least one creative activity. Since he loves dinosaurs, we would have fun with this set.

  23. i love the circus animal cookie cutter set. it would be so much fun to decorate them!

  24. The state set is such a neat idea!

  25. I love the Chihuahua Cookie Cutter… it is just too cute!!

    mandm_2002 at hotmail dot com

  26. There are so many cute cookie cutters, for so many occasions–but for Christmas, I really like the nativity set–would it be wrong to eat baby Jesus, though? I still think they're cute!

  27. I follow on twitter (@AVirtuousWoman)

  28. I follow through blogger

  29. i love the cat in the hat cookie cutter!

  30. I love the Chip and Dale cookie cutters!

  31. The Scooby Doo cookie cutter would be great! My 6 year old daughter has loved Scooby and the gang since she was 3. Also, the baby carriage cookie cutter, it seems that all my friends have been coming up pregnant lately so with the amount of baby showers I'll be involved in, this would come in really handy.

  32. The Scooby Doo cookie cutter would be great! My six year old daughter has loved Scooby Doo and the gang since she was three and would adore some Scooby cookies. Also the baby carriage cutter, all my friends seem to be coming up pregnant lately so with the amount of baby showers I'll be involved in, it would come in so handy.

  33. My favorite cookie cutter is the adorable Chihuahua. Such a clever idea!

  34. missouri flat travelers says
  35. I love the piglet set of cookie cutters – I'm a huge piglet fan!!


  36. Seriously, I have to choose just one favorite? hmmm. I think I'll have to go with the dinosaurs. Any dinosaurs 🙂 We LOVE dinosaurs around here!

  37. And I'm going right now to enter the holey donuts one. That sounds YUM 🙂

  38. Clean and Green Life and Wife says

    Christmas cookie cutters are so relevant to this time of year! They'd be great to have around the house, considering we're doing smaller gifts for family this year!

  39. The set of dinosaur cookie cutters stole my heart! But the Christmas set makes me think of the holidays when I was little 🙂

    Glenna tree2327(at)

  40. Definitely the corgi ones! So cute! Or maybe the chicken. It's the way to eat chicken especially if you're a vegetarian. Haha. Thanks!

  41. I also like the butterfly one and some others that would be nice to have for eater/spring/baby showers! Thanks for the chance!
    bekki1820cb at gmail

  42. follower of the blog
    bekki1820cb at gmail

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  44. already an email subscriber
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  46. I love the Mickey Mouse Gingerbread Man cookie cutter.

  47. I am a follower

  48. I am following you on Twitter as The Super Apron Queen

  49. i love anything and everything cute so it has to be the mini butterfly cookie cutter!!

  50. i love the scooby doo cookie cutter

  51. the alphabet! who doesn't want to spell and eat yummy things?

  52. and i enterd the doughnuts giveaway!

  53. United States Cookie Cutter Set is my favorite as I would like to take on the challenge of making them all fit… without looking at a map. I am thinking the first challenge should be done in ginger cookies. Tis the Season.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    Happy Holidays!

  54. I live in Ohio so my favorite has to be the Ohio State mini cutters. GO Bucks!

  55. I would love to try the Army Eagle cookie cutter. Thanks for the giveaway.

  56. I would love to try the army eagle cookie cutter. Thanks for the giveaway.

  57. I really like the Mickey Mouse Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutter with Cookie Mix! Thanks!

  58. I'm a follower!

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  61. Oh the Mickey Mouse cookie cutter is my favorite. We are HUGE Disney fans!!!!

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  64. GroverFamily says

    I love the traditional christmas ornaments! amalgrover

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    linked up at tater tots and jello with my homemade christmas gifts


  67. GroverFamily says

    i have the holly bloggy button on my blog

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    i posted about the christmas bash:)

  69. GroverFamily says

    i posted about the christmas bash

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    im a follower of your blog

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    im a facebook fan
    amanda grover

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  75. The Unsell Family says

    I would love to win the castle cookie cutter for my girls!

    ~Jen Unsell

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    I have the Holly Bloggy Christmas Bash button on our blog.

    ~Jen Unsell

  77. Diane {} says

    I love the Dr. Seuss hat.

  78. Diane {} says

    I am following your blog, with google

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    I'm following you on twitter, my ID is @createdbydiane

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  81. i like their boy scout symbol cookie cutter

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