Pinto Beans

I just love pinto beans! I can’t tell you how many pots of pinto beans were eaten in my house as I was growing up, but I can tell you that they always got eaten, and we never got tired of them! They are the ultimate country food and my favorite bean to eat. And they are so delcious with chicken & dumplins, fried potatoes, and corn bread. Yum!

Recipe for Pinto Beans:

1 lb dry pinto beans
10 cups water
3 or 4 pieces of bacon, a ham hock, salt pork, or a little oil

Soaking Instructions:

Quick Soak Method: Rinse and sort beans. To 1 lb of beans add 10 cups hot water. Bring water to rapid boil for 2 minutes. Remove from heat. Cover and let stand for one hour. Drain soak water and rinse beans.

Overnight Soak Method: Rinse and sort beans. To 1 lb of beans add 10 cups cold water. Let stand overnight or at least -8 hours. Drain soak water and rinse beans.

Cooking Instructions:

Stove Top Instructions: Add 6 cups of water to drained and rinsed beans. Simmer gently until desired tenderness is reached, about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Add salt and pepper to taste. Salt pork, ham, bacon, or oil may be added during cooking for extra flavor.

Crock Pot Instructions: Add 6 cups of water to drained and rinsed beans. Add oil/ham/bacon/pork. Let cook all night on high. (If you have a fast cooking crock pot, you should check your beans in the middle of the night and give them a stir. You could also start your crock pot in the morning so that your beans will be ready by dinner time.


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  1. I too grew up on pinto beans and love them! I always figured they could be done in a crockpot, but have always done my stovetop. Thanks for posting the cp directions!

  2. YUM…we ate a lot of pinto beans growning up too. We still do and I love doing them in the crockpot. I usually put them on to cook overight. They are surely a favorite. So high in fiber too 🙂


  3. Lisa@BlessedwithGrace says

    Thanks for your pinto bean cooking tips!

  4. I recently posted about pinto beans myself on Crock Pot Wednesday. We just love them…Hubby especially so. I made a great corn bread that you might enjoy if you want to come check it out. I would love for you to participate. Mister Linky is already up and ready.

  5. We love pintos at our house too. In fact my menu planning this week calls for them on Sat. My teen daughter has been asking for them! She adds mayo to hers. YUCK! I cook mine in the crock pot usually with boneless pork chops. YUMMY!

  6. I love pinto beans too and I usually do them in the crock pot.

  7. Live.Love.Eat says

    I didn't grow up at all with pinto beans. Probably never had them growing up, isn't that funny. Just wasn't a Northern thing I guess. My MIL told me how they ate beans with cake and tomato a lot.

    But now that I am grown up I do love beans and pintos included. I know my hubs would appreciate me making them some time.

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