Fall Traditions

Fall’s always been my favorite time of year. While the fall season is used as a symbol for old age in literature, I’ve always associated the season with new beginnings: new school years, new football seasons, a new harvest, etc.

And it’s a season filled with exciting events and traditions. I have so many fond memories from childhood and my teenage years of fall traditions, and each year I look forward to the season’s events and deciding which activities we’ll be participating in and which traditions we’ll share with our children in the future. Here are just a few:

Football games – There’s nothing like going to a hometown football game on Friday night: the home team marching on to the field, the spirit of the fans, the band playing, and familiar faces everywhere. And then of course, there’s college football on Saturdays when we watch The Tide Roll!

Scary Movies – Halloween is a perfect excuse to camp out on the couch and watch some scary movies.  If you’re unfamiliar with the scary movie genre, or you love scary movies but would like to discovery some new (or classic) scary movies to watch, hellhorror.com has a list of top, must-see horror movies.

The Jam – Each year, we have a weekend event nearby with about 4 or 5 stages set up. They have music artists from just about every music genre: country, pop/rock, R&B, Christian, and classic rock. It’s a chance to see a lot of big names in one place for one ticket price, and it’s a blast!

Founder’s Day Celebrations & Local Events – There are several local events that are held in our area each fall that are complete with music, food vendors, craft booths, competitions, car shows, and more. It’s such a relaxing and fun way to spend your day.

Haunted Houses & Haunted Hayrides – When you’re a kid, going to the local haunted house or hayride is such a thrilling adventure.

Fall Leaves – Each year I look forward to seeing the leaves change color and hear them crunch beneath my feet as I walk.

The Great Pumpkin – I can’t let Halloween go by without seeing “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”

Decorating – As a kid I loved getting my pumpkin to carve and putting our homemade scare crow out on the porch. And today I look forward to decorating my own house for the fall.


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  1. Hmm, if The Jam you're talking about is the one I'm thinking about, stop by Paul Thorn's table on Sunday and say hi to my friend Kim for me. Tell her you know me from the blog world. She'll get a kick out of it. I'm a little sad you're a Bama fan. 😉 War Eagle!

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