My New Business Blog: Fortunato’s Hat

Just a little annoucement to let you know that I’m working on a new business blog. As some of you are aware, my husband was laid off from his job a few months ago, and he’s been looking for jobs and opportunities ever since. We recently got a call from the spouse of one of my husband’s former co-workers, and she told us about a fairly new and growing business that, unlike others, doesn’t have a ton of people doing it yet.

We looked at what it entailed and saw all the potential benefits to be gained from it, and we decided to give it a shot. In discussing our business plans, I talked about doing a little promotional stuff on Simply Sweet Home, but after giving it a little more thought, I decided it would be better for me to just start a whole new blog so that the business stuff doesn’t overwhelm Simply Sweet Home.

Here’s a little information on the new blog and its features: The new blog will basically chronicle our “work from home” journey and tell everyone what we’re working on. Additionally since it is a site that is designed to promote a business, it will include links to our store front, and it will have information about our business and how others can get into the business we’re doing.

I’ll also be including some articles and tips for mompreneurs, small business owners, and people who want to work from home. And to keep it a little more interesting and fun, I’ll sometimes have some product reviews and product highlights on the this site.

Please wish us luck and say a prayer for us as we start this new project. I’m not sure how well it will go yet, but I’m very optimistic. And if it goes even half as good as we hope, everyone one of you will want to join our team.

We’re just getting it started up this week, so we don’t have a lot of information to share yet, but there will be lots of updates very shortly. So stay tuned!

Oh, I almost forgot. Here’s a link to the new blog:

Also, if anyone is looking for a new business opportunity, you can send me an email at or email my husband at Or you can leave a comment on this post, and we’ll give you some information. You can also head over to the new blog and fill out our form. Thanks!


  1. Cynnamama's Cafe says

    I wish you and your husband a best of luck with your business blog! There may be hard times, but hang on!
    Nice blog you have created, very simple!

  2. Cooking and the City says

    Jerri I wish you & your husband every success with your new business venture!

    Dell 🙂 xxoo

  3. Lou Cinda says

    Jerri, thank you so much for visitng my blog! I appreciate it so much! Plus it lead me to yours and I will be checking out the one for your business. Sounds like you have a great thing going and I wish you much, much luck!

    Have a great day!

    Lou Cinda

  4. Sweet and Savory says

    The best of luck with this blog. I hope it helps you find what you need for great success.

    Would you please stop by my blog for a little something.

    It is my new blog (we have something in common – I needed one that is not gluten free)

  5. I missed the news about your husban's layoff. I'm quite familiar with that. Wishing you both much success with your new venture. I will be following along.

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