Blog Hoppin’ Tuesday: New Photos

For this week’s bloghop, we’re sharing some favorite recent photos. So I picked out a few funny pictures of my kitties to share with you, complete with my fun and cheesy commentary.

Anytime my husband goes out of town or even leaves the house, the cats seem very “interested” in what’s going on.

In these pictures Rebel is….um…rebelling! I’m not sure if he’s trying to keep “daddy” from leaving or if he wants to go too. You make the call!

Dixie was a little mad that Rebel got to the suitcase before her…after all, she is the queen and is supposed to have first choice of all items to sit on and play with. But she decided to put her personal feelings aside and focus on the task at hand: Keeping Daddy From Leaving.

While Rebel remained entrenched in the suitcase, Dixie successfully held and defended a pile of clean, just-folded shorts and underwear. “This oughta stop him!”

“If Daddy wants to leave, he has to go through us!”

But in the end, they could not stop the inevitable….Daddy had to leave!

So they retired to the office with me where they napped and snuggled together. Just before falling asleep they had a top secret discussion about future campaigns, including a “Welcome Home Ambush.”

….and they did a little grooming too, of course!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and story. Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Secret Mom Thoughts says

    Cute cats. Love the last shot.

  2. maddie/cadesmimi says

    Just hopping by. I love your pics. I am a CAT person! Why do cats love suitcases so much? Just last week my cats were playing in mine while I was packing. Blessings fromKathy @ AND

  3. Tell your husband he will never make it through security with cats in his suitcase 🙂

  4. Seems that they would like to travel a lot 🙂

  5. The Gava Family says

    cute cats. I love the two of them snuggling!

  6. My cat loves suitcases and purses too.

  7. tjandjmkahrs says

    Very cute, thanks for sharing!

  8. Cute cats my sister used to have a cat like that.

  9. Just hopping by… Cats provide so many great photo ops!

  10. Naive Happiness says

    That is so cute! I love watching them snuggle!

  11. That is just too funny

  12. Cute! 🙂

  13. They are so cute loving on each other!


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