Millie’s Place

I’ve found another wonderful etsy shop to visit. It’s called Millie’s Place, and it’s your place for all things baked and sewed!

Donna of Millie’s Place sells a yummy assortment of baked goods that are made fresh when you order them. And you’ll definitely be hungry after you see what she has to offer! You’ll find brownies, oatmeal raisin cookies, lemon glazed shortbread cookies, jumbo chocolate chip cookies with walnuts, and even low-fat chocolate chip cookies. And how would like to try some ginger bars or ginger whoopie pies like the ones pictured here? Yum!

And if you’ve got a massive sweet tooth, you can try some homemade fudge. Millie’s Place offers chocolate fudge and peanut butter fudge with or without walnuts. And if you like coconut as much as my husband does, you’ll definitely want to try some chocolate covered macaroons.

But Millie’s Place isn’t just a shop for baked goods. It also features some lovely items that Donna sews. You’ll find handmade dresses and adorable preemie sized clothes, such as the 3-piece set pictured below. There’s also a Kitty Appliqued Bib and Kitty Doll that would make a great gift.

You’ll also find some cute items for your kitchen like vintage tablecloth napkins and vintage tablecloth grocery bag holders, and much more!

The baked items at Millie’s Place are baked fresh when you order them and are carefully packaged and shipped Priority Mail to ensure that you receive them in 1-3 days.

Go visit Millie’s Place today!



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  2. Oh my goodness. The chocoholic in me has just been awakened.epien

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