Inspired Shower Tables

Since yesterday’s post focused on the Happy Couple Collage as a gift idea and decor idea, today we are looking at more bridal shower decor.

Photos, banners, flower arrangements and centerpieces, balloons, and streamers are all nice, but the main thing that people pay attention to at any bridal shower is the serving table. Rather than listing a bunch of ideas for your shower table decor, I thought it would be better to show you some examples.

I just love seeing how different people decorate for their parties, and it’s a great way to get ideas. For this post, I tried to find a variety of tables for you, from the very simple to the ornate. And I think whatever you’re taste is, you should find something that inspires you here.

This collection of photos was gathered on flickr, and each person gave me permission to use their photo. If you have any questions or comments on the individual tables, you can contact the owner by using the link below the photo. (Sorry that the photos are a little smaller than the ones normally found here. I had trouble with a couple of the pictures, and I decided to make them all uniform, and it’s better to shrink some down than to make small photos bigger.)


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  1. ♥Rosie♥ says

    Beautiful ideas here Jerri :0)

  2. Struggler says

    Most of these look way too good to eat! I particularly like the second one with the pink and green colors. Beautiful!

  3. Nightingale says

    Nice blog, here is some more information on Changing Tables.

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