Happy Couple Collage Project

Here’s a lovely gift and decor idea for any shower or wedding. Sorry I don’t have any photo examples to show, but I’m sure you can imagine it in your mind’s eye. This is just an idea I came up with last week; I’ve never actually seen one of these before or heard of it, but I know I would love to have one of these made, and I’m sure others would as well.

Often at weddings and showers, photos of the happy couple are displayed on a table, serving as a decoration and as a way of telling the couple’s story. The idea of the Happy Couple Collage takes this concept to another level. Not only will it make a great decoration for a shower, engagement party, or wedding, but it will also make a lovely gift and keepsake.

The collage can be as big or small, and as simple or elaborate as you’d like for it to be, and using any materials you deem appropriate. The collage essentially tells a story about the happy couple. To complete it, you may need to borrow some materials from the couple (such as pictures or memorabilia). But in some cases you may be able to put the project together by getting materials from other friends and family members of the couple, and you may even be able to use some outside sources.

If you can gather the materials and keep it a surprise, Great! But if you have to ask the Bride-to-Be for a few items, this is okay. After all, she won’t know what you’re using the items for, and if you borrow them long enough in advance, she might even forget that you have them. But if you really want to keep it a secret, there are a lot of strategies you could use to get the items you need. Since the gift is largely for the bride, you could use the groom to “sneak” a scrapbook away from the bride-to-be, and friends or family members should be more than willing to help too.

Here is a list of items you may want to include on your collage:

-Baby/childhood pictures of the the bride and groom.
-A current picture of the couple.
-A picture of the place where the couple first met.
-A picture, menu, or business card from the place where the couple had their first date.
-A picture or a brochure from the couple’s first vacation destination.
-A photo of where the couple will live.
-A photo of the location where the proposal took place.
-A brochure or picture from the couple’s future honeymoon destination.
-If the couple went to school together, you could put a copy of the school’s seal.
-If the couple work together or met at a place of business, you could put a copy of the logo of their place of business.
-Copies of tickets from concerts, sporting events, movies, and other attractions the couple has attended.
-A picture of the couple with family members, kids, or pets.
-A picture of the couple participating in a favorite hobby or activity together.
-Scrapbook embellishments that represent a hobby, activity, or something else that’s meaningful to the couple.
-Lyrics from the couple’s favorite song.
-A picture of the person who introduced the couple, if applicable.
-A picture of the couple from their first Christmas together.
-Pictures and mementos from other milestones the couple has experienced together.
-Menu/Business Card/Photo of the couple’s favorite restaurant or hang out (or a picture of the couple at this place).
-If you need fillers, you can use little flower embellishments, gems, stickers, a bride & groom scrap booking embellishments kit, and other items to cover the empty spaces.

Place all your items on the material of your choice from scrapbook paper, to poster board, or a canvas. Or you could even use cork board or foam. Have the project framed, and you’re good to go! (Hint: On the back of the frame, you should sign your name and/or write your own personalized message to the happy couple.)

So what do you guys think of the Happy Couple Collage idea? And has anyone ever seen one of these?


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