Adventures in Shopping: The Little Bamboo

For this month’s edition of Adventures in Shopping, I’m sharing my new bamboo plant. I got it at the flea market for just $4. I just love the flea market! You never know what you’re going to find.

We used to go all the time when I was a kid to shop for antiques and collectibles. And I would look forward to getting a sno-cone or some other special treat…well, actually I still look forward to getting a sno-cone or some other treat. (Something about concession stands just lure me in!)

But I love the shopping too. It’s fun seeing all the great items they have to offer, old and new! I don’t usually buy much, but this time I managed to pick up a couple of “lucky cat” figurines, which I’ll have to share at another time. (I forgot to take photos of them.)

And of course, I got the bamboo. Most flea markets I’ve been too sell these. So if you like bamboo, you should visit the local flea market. I find that the bamboo at the flea markets usually looks a lot better than those sold in regular stores. And you can usually find a great selection of all sizes, varieties, and price ranges. (Plus, you can get the seller to make a special arrangement for you if you like.)



  1. That's a cute little plant. I love the elephant on the side. We have a flea market here too on Mondays. I'll have to go soon.

  2. Donna-FFW says

    LOVE that plant. My mother has always told me to have one of those brings good luck!

  3. The Jacobsen Family! says

    There's a flea market every weekend not far from our house, but I've never been!! I'll have to check it out sometime for sure!

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