Organizing & Cleaning Tips for Surfaces & Shelves

The key to keeping shelves and surfaces clean is to simplify, that is, keep only a very few important items out on your surfaces. Then clean your surfaces thoroughly and place your items in a location that is logical but also makes the space more aesthetically pleasing and inviting. And if possible keep loose items in jars, baskets, or other containers so that they are accessible but hidden. Here are a few other tips that might be helpful to you.

Kitchen & Bathroom Surfaces:
-Keep counters as clear as possible, keeping out only items that you use every day, such as a coffee maker or can opener.
-Do daily maintenance on counters and surfaces, removing “stray” items that don’t belong and wiping down surfaces.
-If you’re low on cabinet space, a bread box is great place to store snacks or even extra appliances that you’d like to have handy but keep hidden.
-Use baskets or containers to store items more neatly on surfaces. Jars and decorative glass bowls are also great for storing items on top of surfaces, while still maintaining a neat looking surface.
-For quick bathroom organization, mini plastic drawers are great for make-up, jewelry, and hair accessories, as well as creams and ointments. And they fit nicely on counters and on over-the-toilet organizer shelves.
-To maintain a neat bathroom, do daily maintenance, wiping down the counter and sink each morning after getting ready or before going to bed. And keep very few items out on the sink or vanity.

Kids Stuff, Crafts, & Office
-A bookshelf is a great place not only to organize books but also arts & craft supplies. Place small pieces in small plastic containers or drawers. Then place these on your shelf. The same concept can be used with a simple wall shelf. Place containers on the shelf and hang the shelf over your desk or crafting area for easy access to supplies.
-The above idea is also great for kids stuff. Legos, blocks, doll accessories, and other small pieces can easily be stored away in small containers and then placed on a shelf.
-To keep your desk or crafting area clean, do daily maintenance. Clean up after each daily session. And place all items from a current craft project you’re still working on in a container or on a tray for easy removal/clean up.
-To maintain a clean office and desk, it’s best to keep only a few important items and supplies out. Anything that you do not use on a daily basis should be stored away in a drawer or container.
-Organizers are very helpful in maintaining a clean desk. I have a pen and pencil holder that has 4 extra compartments for paper clips, rubberbands and small items. I also have a desk lamp that has compartments in its base for pens, post-it notes, and other supplies. And I have an office organizer that holds note pads/papers/envelopes/supplies.
-It’s also helpful to have paper trays or an organizer to hold file folders and other documents you’re working on. Having a place to store these is crucial to keeping a paper-clutter-free desk.



  1. Barbara Bakes says

    Great tips! I think I need to go shopping for organizers!

  2. Great tips. I only wish I could keep my craft table clean though. I have too many projects going on at one time.

  3. arizona carpet cleaners says

    I wish we were able to do what you suggest. But with two kids it's a near impossible task.

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