Hubby’s Birthday Cupcakes

No recipe this week
. Instead, I’m sharing the cupcakes that I made for my husband’s birthday last month. I decided to share these this week, so that I would have an entry for my own cupcake round-up this Thursday.

My husband is very easy to please in the dessert department. He’ll try just about anything, but he only has a few things that he just absolutely LOVES. This is both good and bad. It’s good because I don’t have to go out of my way and make anything very elaborate for him to like it, but it sort of puts a damper on trying new recipes when I know he’d rather have one of his old faithfuls.

Anyway, in the cake department, he likes coconut cake and yellow cake with chocolate icing. Last year I made a yellow sheet cake with chocolate icing, but this year I wanted to do cupcakes instead. (Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that I am no cake decorator by any stretch of the imagination (obviously), but at least I tried.)

I have to admit, there’s nothing like a plain chocolate iced cupcake! They looked so yummy, I decided to leave a few undecorated.
For the cupcake that would go at the top and center of the cupcake tree, I topped it with a Samoa Cookie and stuck a candle in the middle. My husband loves those cookies!

Here’s the tree. In the future I’d like to use ribbon/tissue and what not to make it a little more attractive, but seeing as we weren’t having a big birthday party, I saw no reason to do that this time.

In fact, my husband was impressed with the cupcake tree. He was with me when I bought it, but I guess he wasn’t paying attention or he didn’t remember it. So he was pretty wow’d by it, and was telling everyone about it later on.

For the other cupcakes, I used shredded coconut, candy sprinkles, and little Cadbury Mini Eggs.

I hope you all enjoyed these. I really enjoyed making them and EATING them!

By the way, don’t forget to stop by on Thursday. I have several delicious looking cupcakes for this week’s round-up. There’s still time if you’d like for me to include you. Just send me a link to your cupcake post before Thursday or if you don’t have a blog, just email me your photo, and I’ll put them up. OR you can leave a link in the comments section of Thursday’s post, and I’ll add you to the round-up as soon as I can.
Next week I’ll be back with a new recipe. Have a good week!



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  1. Hoosier Homemade says

    Very cute! I’m looking forward to Thursday. I’ll be joining in. Thanks for sharing!

  2. shopannies says

    these look great and I will be back this thursday with a cupcake idea to share

  3. Diana - FreeStyleMama says

    What a cute idea! Happy Birthday to your DH! Mine is up here.

  4. Snooky doodle says

    can I have one pleaseeeeeeeeeee yummy

  5. That is so cute!!! I really want one of those “cup cake trees”! LOL!!! They allow you to be so creative!!

  6. Cupcakes look cool. My wife makes cupcakes from scrath alot and they are soo tasty.

    Check out my MSM post at

  7. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) says

    Those look so YUMMY! 🙂

  8. Jolly Mom says

    You did a great job! They look wonderful!

  9. Great cupcakes! I like making a big batch and keeping them in the freezer, ready to decorate for those spur-of-the-moment celebrations…or those sweet tooth cravings late at night!

  10. A happy heart at home says

    Adorable cupcakes and cupcake tree!


  11. Adorable! Happy birthday to your dh!! 😀

  12. they look great love that cupcake tree

  13. Lisa@BlessedwithGrace says

    How yummy.I want to eat one of those cupcakes SO BAD right now. I LOVE the top cupcake with the somoa and candle. How clever!!

  14. Donna-FFW says

    Oh that looks wonderful. You are such a sweet wife.

  15. gingerrwade says

    How fun, and they LOOK sooo good!

  16. Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam says

    Forget your hubby being impressed – I AM SO impressed. The cake tree is adorable. Thanks for sharing with Tasty Tuesday.

  17. Thanks for stoppin gby my page! those cupcakes look great, and If I’m not mistaken the girlscout cookies on the top are my FAV!

  18. anudivya says

    THose looks adorable! I am pretty much the same like your husband when it comes to desserts. I can eat anything that is sweet and you won’t see me complaining one bit.

  19. ♥Rosie♥ says

    Happy belated birthday to Mr Jerri :0)

    His cupcakes look gorgeous! I love your cupcake stand too.

    Apologies for not calling by earlier due to my back circumstances.

    Rosie x

  20. Your cupcake tree looks great! I’ll have one with cadbury eggs please 🙂
    Can’t wait to see all the cupcakes on Thursday!

  21. What a thoughtful thing to do! They look so yummy too!

  22. Nicole Feliciano says

    Who doesn’t love a cupcake! If you want, I have just posted a recipe link on Momtrends. You can post a favorite here:

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