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We all know that having an organized shopping list is an important key to saving time and money at the grocery store. Today I’m going to tell you about a site where you can create multiple shopping lists. It’s called

With this free site you can easily and quickly create and print your shopping lists online, and if you sign up for a free account, you can save your shopping lists to use at a later time. This is a perfect tool for someone who wants to list a few items at a time and then come back later to add a few more or for anyone who wants to create a master shopping list to print out for each trip.

Also, consider this: How many times have you been at work and thought of something that you needed to add to your grocery list? And how times have you planned a shopping trip for after work and realized that you left your list at home? With this website you can access your list from anywhere.

A free account also gives you access to the Favorites Tab, where you can create a list of your favorite stores or a list of your favorite items. With this feature, you can make a list of a few items that you buy every week, or you can create a larger list of items that you buy when your stocking up.

I just signed up for a free account and began making my shopping lists. It was very easy to set up, and the features on the shopping list tab allow you to create a detailed and organized list. I’ll explain how it works.

On the page you have 3 columns. Under the first column, there’s a list of categories such as “baked goods,” “medicine” and “spices & herbs.” When you click on the category of your choice, a list of products that belong in the category pops up in the second column. You then click on the item that you want add to your list. (There’s also a place where you can manually type in an item that may not appear on the menu.)

Then there’s an optional third column, which allows you to pick a store that you’d like for the item to be listed under. I really liked this feature, because I always make one list for Aldi and one list for Wal-mart. And this feature will allow me to easily add an item under one store or the other. (And I think you will be impressed with the vast array of categories, products, and stores that are listed.) You can also minimize your lists on the page, so that you can easily or focus on a particular list.

Now as I said, the site allows you to create a detailed list. For each item that you place on your list, you have the option to enter a quantity, the price, and even a comment. This is perfect if you’re someone like me. I often write a quantity beside each item on my list, and in the past I’ve also used my old receipts to determine the price of each item so that I can have an idea of how much my grocery bill will be. And now that I have access to this website, I can enter the prices so I’ll be able to quickly estimate my grocery bill each week.

I also like the idea of the comments section. I think this would be a great place to type in the brand name and/or the portion size you want to buy, which will really save time when you’re in the grocery store, and it would also be helpful if you ever send somebody else to do the shopping.

And once you’ve created your list, you can easily edit your items and move them up or down on the list for perfect organization.

What I love about the site is that it is very easy to understand and navigate through. Your shopping lists and the menus used to add items to your list are all located on the same page, so you don’t have to go back and forth between webpages. You can add items to your list with just a few clicks. And most of all, I enjoyed being able to organize my list and add the extra details about each item.

If you’re a busy woman looking to get organized and save time and money, you should check out


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