Camera Critters: Rebel at Work

Camera Critters

I had so much fun showing off pictures of Dixie, the amazing blog assistant, that I had to introduce my other assistant as well.

This is Rebel. He is a very sweet and gentle cat. Isn’t he cute? Today Rebel is going to give you a tour of his office.

This is Rebel’s desk and computer where he does most of his work. And on the computer screen is my Rebel’s blog.

This is his napping er-um thoughtful spot beside the computer.

And here’s Rebel reading over the blog and checking for errors.

Rebel also wanted to show you that he can pose for the camera just as good as his sister.

And here’s Rebel over at his daddy’s desk, where he does some part time consulting. And as you can see, he has a name tag too. It says “Jhonny Rebel Rivers.” (I asked my husband why he spelled it like that. He seemed to think that Rebel preferred this spelling. lol.) And then it says, “Handsome Man Cat Esq.” and “Under The Door Cat Serenade Specialist.”

Before Rebel could finish the tour Dixie showed up and demanded to be in a picture. (She’s a bit of a spoiled-y cat.)

And finally Rebel wanted to show off his organizing skills and his other “thoughtful spot.” This is a little cubby hole on my desk, and he’s actually curled up in a little bin where I keep notepads and papers when I’m not using them. As you can see Rebel is very busy examining the back of his eyelids and getting ready to file.


Rebel would like to thank you for stopping by and taking his tour.

If you have a little “office assistant” of your own, you can show them off at Camera Critters. Have a good weekend!



  1. Tink *~*~* says

    With such extraordinary assistants, you are sure to have much bloggy success 🙂

    Happy Critturday!
    Tink *~*~*

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  2. Obviously Rebel is a “good helping” cat!

  3. Greyscale Territory says

    O what a fun post! Loved this tour of Rebel’s working world! Rebel seems to be quite at home there!

  4. It seems like Rebel found the perfect use for the notepads and papers when you’re not using them! Great shots!

  5. Very adorable kitties….Please stop in for a visit, I have something for you!!!

  6. Rebel seems very organized and docile sandy

  7. Hehehe… Rebel is a great tour guide of his area… I really liked his napping…. errr… thoughtful spot! =D

    Take care!
    Mountain Retreat Photography

  8. what a great post, such fun

    Rebel and Dixie are both adorable assistants!!

  9. I love your story and photos!! Felt very close to home as my cats roam the office all the time.

    I love it… until they go to sleep on papers I end up needing 😉

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