Camera Critters: One of my Office Assistants in Action

Camera Critters

Camera Critters has a very cute meme every Saturday. Since I’m obsessed with always taking pictures of our cats, I thought it would be fun to partcipate sometimes. For this post, I’m sharing some pictures of one of my office assistants, Miss Dixie Belle.

Anytime I’m at my computer, I usually have an office assisant cat nearby. Here is Dixie sitting at her my desk. Do you think she knows she’s having her picture taken?

Here she is posing behind her “name plate.”

As you can see, she is very sophisticated.

Here she is checking to see that her named is spelled correctly.

Here she is relaxing while pondering our latest post.

And here she writing a post or perhaps it’s a letter to the editor, explaining why she should get a raise.



  1. Lilli & Nevada says

    Oh my gosh, she is almost the same colors as my baby BOO BOO. Now i can almost imagine her when she gets bigger. She will be adorable. Not sure she will get as big. as she is really tiny for her age now.

  2. What a funny, cute kitty you have! She seems to have tons of personality!

    I hope you have a wonderful Saturday!


  3. It’s funny how we have our assistants sandy

  4. i love that you can see her on your laptop too. cute.

  5. Anonymous says

    Ive had loads of dogs and cats for years now, I thought maybe I was the only one who had tons of pictures of animals! glad to see some of yours!


    Hello Dixie.
    You are the ultimate professional blogger with your official name tag. I’d blog u anytime.


  7. What an adorable cat!

  8. Very cute! I love cats. I had one for 14 years but hubby says no more right now – sniff, sniff!

    THanks for stopping by from TMTT!

  9. OMG…How darn cute is she

  10. I like your cat’s names…could be because I’m from the south!

    Thank you for visiting with me and I do hope you’ll come again….Betty

  11. Laura Ingalls Gunn says

    Oh my goodness! What an adorable cat!

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