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This month’s Organizing Round-Up Project was recipes. Last year I started printing out recipes from the internet, and placing them in a simple binder, complete with page protectors, as seen below:

(For tips on organizing your own recipe binder you can read my post from earlier this week.)

Back in January, in an effort to rid by computer of dozens of bookmarked recipes, I copied all the best recipes I had saved and placed them in a word document to be printed. I then sorted through all my recipes and divided them into categories.

I used colored tab sheets to divide the binder into sections. My categories are: Appetizers, Soups, Main Dishes/Casseroles, Breads/Sides, Cakes/Pies, Cookies/Candies, and Misc.

In addition to my recipe binder, I have two recipe boxes. And I decided to place my recipe cards into the binder so that all my recipes would be in one place. The Hershey’s box shown below is now empty. (I haven’t yet decided what to use it for.) And now I’m storing blank recipe cards in the green box.
Below are some recipe cards from one of the boxes. I sorted all the cards into piles so that they could be placed in the appropriate section of the binder.

And I used 4X6 photo pages to insert the recipe cards in. If you want you can place 2 cards in the same pocket back to back. But for cards that had a photo on one side and a recipe on the other, I placed a single card in a pocket, so that I can see the recipe and the photo, just by flipping the page and without removing the card from the page.

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  1. My Carolina Kitchen says

    You are so organized – I’m jealous. My husband is constantly reminding me to do something with all of the recipes I clip from magazines. You’ve given me so great ideas. Thanks.

  2. Anamika:The Sugarcrafter says

    Hi Jerri
    your innovative, nice idea comes at the right time for me..i have recipes lying here and there but its time to get organised as you have done…a inspiartion perhaps …

  3. Controlling My Chaos says

    I like your system. It makes such a big difference to have all your recipes in one place. I especially like the page protectors for 4x6s.

  4. That looks great! I was printing recipes and putting them in a binder, but I realized that I rarely use the same recipe twice because there are always new ones for me to try. Now I just bring my lap top into the kitchen with me.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. You recipe binder looks great! Makes you want to cook! 🙂

  6. Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings says

    I’ve always thought about making a recipe binder since I love to print recipes off the internet. Your system looks well organized and efficient for some good cookin’ to happen! Thanks for stopping by my blog for the Recipe Round-Up!

  7. Sydney Plumber says

    Great blog post….I like it….

  8. this is very smart! Love the idea for the photo pages!

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