Menu Plan Monday for February 23

Last week’s menu totally went out the window, as I was not only sick and not feeling like cooking, but because my sickness kept me from going to the store to get all the supplies I needed. So we ate what we could round up fairly quickly or else ordered out for a few days last week. For that reason, some of the dishes from last week are being moved to this week. (They’re not repeats.)

Also, I’ve had comments and questions about whether I post the recipes from my menu. So I wanted to address that here. I do provide links to the recipes if one exists, and if I use a convenience food, I try to point that out. In recent months, I’ve begun photographing the things that I cook, and I intend to post a lot of these in due time.

So if an item is listed on the menu, chances are the recipe will be posted in the near future. In fact, I encourage everyone to leave comments about the items that interest them most, because this will effect the order in which I post the recipes in the future.

Also, feel free to ask any questions that you may have. I read all the comments that I get, and I visit everyone who comments. I also try to give as many answers as possible in my comments section.

Now onto this week’s menu:

Breakfasts – Cereal, French Toast Sticks, Bacon & Egg Sandwiches
Lunches – Beef Stew, Salad, Mini Pizzas, Turkey Sandwiches, Leftovers

Monday – Shake & Bake Chicken
Tuesday – Tacos
Wednesday – Smokey Mountain Chicken w/ Cheesy Potato Foil Packs
Thursday – Chicken w/ alfredo pasta side, garlic bread, & salad
Friday – Chicken Poulet

Saturday – Chicken Poulet

Sunday – Leftover Buffet

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  1. Looks good! Can’t wait to start seeing the recipes 🙂

  2. Tried Everything says

    I can taste it now!

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