Celebrate Valentine’s Day with See’s Candies

Still shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts? Consider buying a delicious box of chocolates from See’s Famous Old-Time Candies for that special someone.

I recently tried an assortment of milk chocolates from See’s Candies, and I was very impressed.

See’s Candies was founded in 1921 and is wildly popular in the West. The company is known for its friendly, old-fashioned service and its tradition of using only the finest ingredients to make their delicious chocolates.

Being a Southern girl, I had never had the opportunity to try See’s Candies until recently. When my package arrived in the mail I was thrilled, and I was even more excited when I looked at the contents.
As you know, when you open a box of chocolates you never know what you are going to find. I carefully chose my first piece and was very pleased. It was a Milk Chocolate Butter, a milk chocolate coated confection filled with a sweet, smooth chocolate buttercream. I could have eaten an entire box of these!

Next I tried a Milk Pattie, which was filled with yummy vanilla caramel. (The caramel ones are always my favorite!) And I was more than pleasantly surprised to find another caramel treat, a Milk Butterchew, filled with vanilla, brown sugar caramel. I can’t even describe how good these were! From here, I went on to try the Milk Peanut (yum!), and a Milk Molasses chip.
Then, in order to prevent myself from eating the entire box, I had to offer some to my husband. Hubby heard me rave about this array of yummy sweets, and I suspect he was a little skeptical, thinking they can’t be THAT good. Judging by his reaction, I think his skepticism instantly disappeared. “MMM!” he said biting into his candy. “That IS good. And I don’t usually eat chocolates. Wow!”
I absolutely concur with his quick assessment. And I must confess, while I eat my fair share of cookies and cakes, I don’t usually eat a lot of candy. Most of the time if someone gives me a box of candy, I pick through it and find about two or three pieces that I like and the rest is given away to a friend or thrown away.


This was definitely an exceptional box of candy! For the first time I was actually eager to try each and every piece. After trying just a piece or two, I was convinced that each treat would be delicious, including flavors that don’t generally appeal to me, or to put it another away, flavors that I didn’t even know I liked. The candies were perfectly fresh, sweet, and smoothly textured. They weren’t overly rich and heavy like so many other chocolates I’ve tried. And the taste was simply unbeatable!


What makes this company even better in my book is that you can go to their website and purchase your own custom mix. You can choose up to ten of your favorites from their list of 102 candies to be included in your custom mix and even adjust the proportions. This is a great option whether you are buying for yourself or a friend.
In the future when I choose to order chocolates I’ll definitely shop See’s Candies. And I strongly recommend them to everyone.



  1. The Blonde Duck says

    Saw you on Grace’s blog and wanted to pop in and say hi!

  2. there should be a law requiring the consumption of chocolate on valentine’s day, wouldn’t you agree? 🙂

  3. Karen Brown Letarte says

    Hi, Jerri! I’ve known several people who were absolutely addicted to See’s Candies! I’ve never had the chance to taste them, but it’s on my must-do list! I really love your blog– the Valentine goodies are gorgeous!


  4. So glad you stopped by my blog, so I could find your blog. I love it. Do you post your monday menu recipes? I’m officially a follower.
    Have a great day.

  5. See’s Candy is a treasure!! The Nuts and Chews Box are the greatest too!!

  6. Marbella Designs says

    I’m a so cal girl, so I’ve been eating See’s candies since I was a kid. Their Pecan Roll is so yummy and the lollipops are out of this world. You must try these next time.


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