Recipe of the Week: Bacon Cheeseburger Skillet

I’ve been looking at a lot of new recipes lately, and a few weeks ago, I decided to make up one of my own. My husband really liked it. It’s a kid friendly, and I would say a man friendly recipe. And best of all, it was relatively quick and easy! My husband called it Bacon Cheeseburger Surprise, but I called it Bacon Cheeseburger Skillet. You can use whichever name your prefer!

I had a good time visiting the other blogs from the memes last week, so hopefully I’ll be able to join in on the fun every week. And now here’s my recipe for this week.

1 pound hamburger meat
3-4 potatoes, peeled, & diced (boiled or fried)
3-6 bacon strips, cooked. (I think I used about 4 or 5.) Or use bacon bits.
Shredded cheese (I just sprinkled some over the top)
Mustard (poured on top & serve on the side)
Ketchup (poured on top & serve on the side)

Directions: Cook potatoes potatoes entirely. You can boil or fry them; it’s up to you. Cook bacon (I actually used the pre-cooked bacon that you just microwave.) Brown hamburger meat in skillet. Drain fat. Add potatoes to skillet and mix. Crumble the bacon and place it in skillet. Mix all ingredients together. Top with cheese, ketchup, and mustard. (I only put a little; then everyone can put on as much they want on their plate.) Season with salt or your choice of seasoning if desired.

Tips & Suggestions

– You could spoon the mixture out on tortillas and have wraps, or perhaps roll it up inside refrigerated pizza dough and bake and make your own hot pockets or calzones. Or you could do sub sandwiches or pitas. It would work with just about about every kind of bread-type that you could think of. You could even load it up with lettuce, tomato, onions and other sandwich toppings.

-Instead of potatoes, use hasbrowns, french fries (possibly chopped up), or those little potato cubes from the freezer section.

-Instead of shredded cheese, use slice cheese, cheese cubes, or slices of block-cheese. I used cheddar with mine, but I know it would been great American or other cheeses.


Well, that’s it. Pretty simple, huh? And best of all, my husband loved it!

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  1. It looks Yummy!!

  2. That looks so yummy! Hubby would smother it in salsa and put in a tortilla. My two boys would want either MORE cheese or ketchup on it! I’d eat it as it-who needs all that extra stuff to cover up the great flavor!

  3. Lucky Girl says

    Everything’s better with bacon, right? I can imagine my family adding in an entire pound of bacon….

  4. Looks great and my hubby would love it too!

  5. That looks good and simple. I think putting it in some pita pockets with a little lettuce and salsa sounds great!

  6. Kim@ForeverWherever says

    Oh My Gosh! This looks great! My boys are major cheeseburger lovers over here. You should link this to my “Tasty Tuesday!” I’d love you have you over!

  7. CarolinaDreamz says

    This is an excellent way to use baked potatoes. Now I’m baking twice as many.. 😉

    I’m glad you mentioned Calzones, because I was thinking Pizza. I buy the pre-cooked bacon, now, because I try not to eat it, personally, and its easier to not have to smell it frying.. Now, to stop eating it. 🙂


  8. Jerri - Simply Sweet Home says

    Thanks Felicia!

    Great idea about the salsa, Jennifer. I’ll have to pass that one along to my hubby.

    Lucky Girl, I totally agree!

    Thanks Jolly Mom.

    Yes Jenny. I love recipes that are simple, and it’s even better if you can different variations of the recipe or use it in different ways.

    I’m sure your boys wouldn’t be disappointed Kim. I posted my link at your site. Thanks for invite!

    Great CarolinaDreamz, I love making more than what I need so that I can use the leftovers for different purposes. The pizza’s a great idea too!

  9. The Sugar Fairy says

    Simple, quick and tasty – those are my favourite dinners. Wrappng it in a tortilla is a great idea:)

  10. shopannies says

    I have added this to my menu plan Thanks for visiting my blog

  11. This sounds delish! My hubby and kids would love this!

  12. Artful Spirit says

    Creative recipe! My son might actually eat this…he doesn’t eat anything! Happy (belated) MSM!

  13. With the sauces like that, they look just like I imagine my kids would finish it off! Only they’d probably use more.

  14. Kim@ForeverWherever says

    I’m so happy you could join us for our first Tasty Tuesday! I like some of the ideas in the comments and your tip about using hashbrowns. I love to cook and sometimes you need easy and good food that doesn’t take all day!

    Thanks for sharing your recipe with us!


  15. Live.Love.Eat says

    I am not even a bug cheeseburger gal but this is awesome!!!!!

  16. I just love anything with potatoes!

  17. R & R Stacy says

    YUM! Thank you for sharing!

  18. That looks yummy invention.

  19. I was thinking about a “Mushroom and Swiss” Variation…add sauteed mushrooms and onions, and use swiss cheese…drizzle with A-1 Steak Sauce.

  20. What’s not to like… cheeseburger is in the title!

  21. Lisa@BlessedwithGrace says

    That is simply and looks yummy. Thanks. I am glad you joined us,this week and hope you keep coming back.

  22. Yum, I’m definitely going to try this one.

  23. Cherry's Jubilee says

    THat looks yummmmy. Delish. cherry

  24. Jerri - Simply Sweet Home says

    Thanks a lot you guys. It’s great that some of you are thinking of trying the recipe and even coming up with your own ideas for it!

    This is really a kid/family friendly recipe, but you could customize it and feed anybody, not matter what there tastes.

  25. Found you through Forever Wherever. This looks great! I think my kids would love it!

  26. shopannies says

    tried this and loved it thanks for visiting my blog

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