My Word for 2009

Tip Junkie is having a contest where everyone has to tell what their word for the year is. I decided that I would get in on the action too.

For some reason, the first word that came to my mind was Peace. I tried to think of something else, but my brain just kept coming back to Peace. And no, not world peace! I don’t really believe in the notion of world peace…it’s kind of a humorous concept actually.

It’s more like inner peace. I tend to worry about things a lot and I get very anxious and apprehensive over the smallest things. I think my life would be 100% better if I worried less. In the past, I’ve faced a lot of challenges, and somehow everything turned out alright. This past my husband and I were faced with a ton of challenges, and I have a feeling that this year will be no different.

And apart from my personal life, I worry about world affairs. I don’t talk about world events on the blog, because it’s not that kind of blog. But I am an avid news watcher and political junkie with strong opinions, and sometimes I get a little worked up about things. While I don’t think ignoring the problems is a good idea (everyone should be informed & involved), I do think it’s a bad idea to live in fear all the time.

So this year, I am going to try my best to be at peace with myself, my circumstances, and the world around me. Whatever will be, will be.

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  1. Peace is a good word. I used to be quite bothered by world events. Then I did Beth Moore’s Daniel Bible study. It gave me a whole new perspective and really opened my eyes to how God was in control and that I really could rest in that. I hope that in 2009 you find that rest as well.

  2. I like your word – Peace. We need a little more of that in this world.

    Thanks for your comment. I am glad I found your blog.

    Have a great weekend!


  3. I got your comment on my blog, you are more than welcome to use my Groundhog Cookie picture with a link to my recipe. Thanks for asking 🙂

  4. Barbara Bakes says

    Bill Cosby did a comedy routine about just wanting “peace of mind”. I’m going to have to think about my word!

  5. Peace sounds like a great word to me Jerri. I think we could ALL use some.

  6. Jerri - Simply Sweet Home says

    Yeah, honestly it was the only word that came to mind. When I told my husband that I chose peace as my word; he gave me the strangest look. (He know I’m not that idealistic.) Then I explained to him what I meant by it,and he said, “Oh okay. That’s cool.”

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