Menu Plan Monday for January 19

MPM time again! I had a time picking out all of this week’s items. It’s so funny how some weeks I struggle to come up with stuff for the entire week, and then other weeks I have so many ideas that I have to narrow it down and postpone some of the ideas till later. Hope you like my final choices for this week! Happy MPM!

Breakfasts: cereal, strawberry muffins, waffles & bacon

Lunches: tuna sandwiches, hot dogs, chunk ham sandwiches, vegetable soup

Monday – Easy Chicken & Dumplins, black eyed peas, and Spoon Bread (new recipe)
Tuesday – Sloppy Joes w/ chips or fries
Wednesday – Crockpot Roast Chicken w/ potatoes & carrots
Thursday -Chicken Stirfry (I’m experimenting) with Asian Fried Rice (banquet homestyle bake)
Friday – 15 Bean Soup
Saturday – Eat out
Sunday – Leftovers

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  1. Mrs. Mordecai says

    That looks good. How do you make your 15-bean soup?

  2. Hi Jerri, it’s so lovely to be back blogging and catching up on your posts! Happy New Year to you!

    Congrats on your award – well deserved indeed!! Love this dish of chicken dumplings and would go down well here in cold England.

    Rosie x

  3. Org Junkie says

    Hi Jerri! Just wanted to pop over to say you won the moving book giveaway I had going on over at my review site! Send me an email and I’ll get that out to you.


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