December 2008 Poll Results & New Poll for 2009

I posted a new poll for January: What’s your New Year’s Resolution? (Creative, huh?) I put about 10 different answers up, and since some of them are related, I made it so that you can pick more than one answer if you want. I based the answer choices on the fact that a lot of people in polls, as well as people I know, have said this year or in previous years that “this” or “that” is their resolution. You can choose from: Exercise more, eat healthier, lose weight, be more organized, meal planning, spend more time with friends/family, Church/religion (I figured I’d use this as a general term for religious activities/devotions, etc.), and also saving money and paying off debt. And then of course, there is the “Other” choice, if your resolution in not included with the answer choices.

Also, in case your interested, here are the results of our Christmas song poll:
White Christmas – 22%
Jingle Bell Rock – 6%
O Holy Night – 29%
The First Noel – 6%
Have a Holly Jolly Christmas – 9%
The Christmas Song- 6%
Other – 19%

Thanks everyone for voting in our Favorite Christmas poll, and I hope you’ll participate in the New Year’s resolution poll as well.


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