Twas The Tour Before Christmas

I’m really enjoying attending all these blog parties and seeing all the lovely Christmas foods and decorations. It’s really inspiring actually. I’ve gotten so many good ideas for next year, more than I could ever actually use!

I’ve seen so many lovely things, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites with you. There are so many beautiful things, it was hard to decide which items to feature, but I managed to narrow it down to about a dozen.

Thanks to everyone for inviting us into your homes. I hope that everyone else will enjoy and be as inspired by these decorations as I was.

This yard at Chris’s Corner. I haven’t seen a lot of light displays on these tours, but I thought this was very festive! The inside of the house was very pretty too. Even the bathroom was decorated nicely!

This wreath at Our Life As We Wait for Lilly Rae. Actually the entire front of this house was just beautiful. It’s my favorite architectural style, and the decorations make it look just stunning.

This banister from Take 90 West…and Set this Circus Down. I love this garland! My mom has some little red pajamas hanging on her tree, but I would have never thought to use them like this. This page had a lot of other cute decor as well, but this was my favorite.

This mantle from Imperfectly Beautiful. I just love this! It’s so fun & colorful and very unique! I just love mantles! And I saw a lot of elegant mantle decor, some simple decor, and a lot of other things, but nothing like this one. In fact all of her decor is just beautiful and unique! You should check out her door wreath as well. Very cute stuff!

This mantle from Creations from my Heart. I thought this had a real elegance to it, and it goes very well with the tree. Just lovely! The garland on her staircase was beautiful as well. Great home!

This tree at Fiddle Dee Dee – Our Sweet Southern Life. I love–LOVE this tree. One thing I’ve discovered from looking at these tours is that I love peppermint stuff! I like this tree because it looks very elegant, but it’s also fun. And look at the topper! Great colors too, and a beautiful home!

This dining room from Beveral “Sand”hills. Her whole house was great, like something you’d see in Country Living magazine. I love the bright colors here, and it looks so cozy! The chandalier is beautiful, and I like that the table is decorated rather simply with the wine glasses and the bowl of balls in the middle. It’s a nice touch. (and also, I want to say that I have a red bird pouring picture just like hers, which I thought was kinda neat.)

This beautiful doorway from All Occasions by Cynthia. I like all the different colors used here, and I especially like the little ornaments dangling down from the garland above the door. This is a really stunning home, and all her trees and decor are so beautiful.

This doorway at Southern Fried Dreams. I just love this doorway. I like the material used, and the way the light green and dark red blend together. Very festive.

This topper at Tiaras & Tantrums. Now that is a topper! I loved the whole tree, but the topper was just the best! I love the gold butterflies, and the red balls give it a really good base. The little “chutes” that go up are cute too. I’m thinking this must be the latest style in toppers, because I’ve seen several with the chutes at the top. I wish I could find one for my tree.

This scrappy tree at Marleyblog. What a fun craft! Again, I love the colors of this, particularly all the different designs in the scrap pieces and how they all blend & contrast with each other. I simply had to feature this, not only because it’s so cute, but because it’s unique. I haven’t seen anything else like it.

This tree from A Picture is Worth A 1000 Words. You would have to see the post to fully appreciate this tree. This tree had very few ornaments on it, but she livened it up with some ribbon and some embellishments. I could hardly believe it was the same tree. The best part is the little white feathery things, and the little red bead-looking things. Again, not sure what these are exactly, but I wish I had some for my tree.



  1. Hi Jerri … thanks for stopping by my blog. You did a great run through of wonderful decorations here. I loved going to all the parties and open houses too. I get new ideas every year from bloggers.

    Have a merry Christmas.

  2. Great photos! Thanks for sharing! I like those peppermint candy decorations too! Looks like you picked the cutest of the cutest to share. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Anamika:The Sugarcrafter says

    Hi Jerri
    Wow thats some beautiful pictures of the festive mood and the occassion….liked them very much..very artistic displays.
    Wish you Merry Christmas and wonderful ushering into the new year 2009.

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