Spreading Christmas Cheer With Less Money

When money is tight, you have to adjust to those circumstances. A lot people find this difficult, especially around the holidays. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be happy this Christmas. Here’s a list of activities that you can do and your family can do for little or no money, along with some other ways that you can spread Christmas cheer without breaking the bank!

Fun Christmas Activities:
-Go to Christmas concerts, plays, and pageants at a local school or church.
-Decorate the tree or house as a family.
-Go look at Christmas lights. Usually you can find whole neighborhoods with great light displays, and some places hold large light displays that you can walk or drive through.
-A lot of people have a “Santa’s Village” set up where kids can participate in different Christmas games and activities.
-Read Christmas stories.
-Watch Christmas movies.
-As a family, sit around and tell stories about favorite Christmas memories.
-Make Christmas cookies, candy, or gingerbread houses with the kids.
-Make ornaments or crafts with the kids.
-Listen to Christmas music.
-Have a cookie exchange.
-Encourage you kids to put on their own Christmas show, either singing Christmas songs or putting on their own little play.

Save Money On Gifts
-Rather than buying gifts for each other, get together with friends for some kind of charitable activity, like making Christmas boxes, or adopt-a-family.
-Instead of exchanging gifts, agree that you’ll volunteer your time to each other. You could help each other out on specific task like baking Christmas candy or wrapping gifts or cleaning out the garage, or you could agree to go out and do something fun together, like go shopping or go out for lunch.
-Focus less on the amount of money spent and more on the thought behind the gift.
-Draw names or play some kind of gift swap game.

Saving on holiday food:
-Serve appetizers and desserts rather than a big meal.
-Have a potluck.
-Think of how much food you had left over last year, and try to downsize if you can.

Making your home look festive without spending a fortune:
-Wrap the front door in wrapping paper.
-Purchase an expensive one or make your own.
-Place a string of lights over the mantle, a buffet, entertainment center, or other furniture.
-Or dress up these same areas with a little garland.
-Make a simple flower arrangement with poinsetta & berry sprigs.
-Place Christmas balls in a bowl or basket.
-Display all of your Christmas cards.
-Dress up your table with some placemats or a festive table cloth.
-Place a small Christmas tree in the middle of your table or buffet.

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  1. i think those are some very thoughtful, useful tips, jerri–thanks for sharing! cookie exchanges rule, and i think drawing names instead of everyone getting a present for everyone else is the way to go. 🙂

  2. Love your suggestions!! Thanks for visiting my blog. You mentioned you’d like to know how I make the chicken alfredo pizza. I posted the recipe – it’s pretty simple. 🙂 You can get right to it at: http://themonkeyroom.blogspot.com/2008/12/chicken-alfredo-pizza-with-wheat-crust.html

    Hope that helps!!! Leave me a comment and let me know if you liked it.

  3. Megan @ Little Bella Bean says

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your Christmas suggestions are great. I love how I have seen so many people display their Christmas cards on their trees. Its such a great idea!

  4. Jerri - Simply Sweet Home says

    Glad you all like these tips. I’ve seen a lot of people write about things they do around this time of year, and I started thinking about some of my favorite Christmas activities and traditions, and it led me to making this list.

    Thanks for the comments. And thank you Janelle for the link to the recipe post. I’ll give it a look!

  5. Kim @ Forever Wherever says

    I like the list! I do a few, but I’m sure I could do better! Merry Christmas!

    Follow me home for a dough givaway!

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