Menu Plan Monday for December 8

Breakfasts – Butter Sugar & Cinnamon Biscuits, cereal, pancakes & bacon, peanut butter toast

Lunches – Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwiches, chicken fingers, canned soups, leftovers

Monday – Tator Tot Casserole w/ green beans
Tuesday – Roast Chicken, carrots & potatoes
Wednesday – Chicken Tetrazzini
Thursday – leftovers from M-W
Friday – having dinner at my parents
Saturday – Spaghetti w/ garlic bread
Sunday – not sure yet

Check out for other great menus.



  1. Yummy menu. I’ve not had Tater Tot casserole in forever. Sounds good.

  2. Beyond Prenatals says

    Mmmm…the biscuits sound yummy. Have any recipes?

  3. Yummy!! My kids love tater tot casserole!!

  4. I love that you plan out breakfasts and lunches for the week too. I really need to remember to do that, I bet I could shave a little more off the budget if I did.

  5. Cooking and the City says

    Jerri your menu sounds great 🙂

  6. justoneoftheboys says

    Mmm! That menu of yours sounds really good!

  7. Jerri - Simply Sweet Home says

    Janet – It is a good. My dad used to make this when I was a kid, and I still love it.

    Beyond Prenatals – If I think about it in the future, I'll try to post up a biscuit recipe.

    Sherry – You're right, tator tot casserole is a very kid-friendly recipe.

    Erika – Planning out breakfasts & lunches can really help you to save. Basically I look in the cabinet or fridge to see what we have, and then I go from there. It helps us to not buy as much, and it prevents food from spoiling and going to waste.

    Cooking and the City, & justoneoftheboys – Thanks, it was actually a very easy menu this week!

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