Menu Plan Monday for December 29

This past week has gone by so fast. On Christmas day (Thursday) I felt like it was a Wednesday, and on Friday, it felt like a Thursday to me, and so on and so on…

Luckily due to the holidays and everything, I didn’t get a chance to make some of the things I had planned on last week, so they’re getting moved to this week. (which makes for some easy meal planning.)

I did get the chance to make one of my new recipes last week. I made the bacon cheeseburger skillet, which turned out very well. I’ll try to post the recipe and picture later on in the week. Till then, here is this week’s menu. Happy Monday!

Breakfast – cereal, pancakes, eggs/grits/bacon

Lunches – sandwiches, beef stew (from the freezer), leftovers from dinner

Monday – Roast beef & gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans
Tuesday – Chicken Tetrazzini (didn’t get to make last week)
Wednesday – appetizer night: finger sandwiches, buffalo chicken bites, chips & dip, nuts, and leftover christmas candy
Thursday – ham, black eyed peas, cornbread, and boiled cabbage or salad
Friday – Leftovers
Saturday – Chicken Tortilla Soup *new recipe*
Sunday – not sure yet

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  1. Set an extra plate for supper tonight, I loves me some roast beef! 🙂

  2. That chicken tortilla soup recipe looks delicious.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed yours.

  3. I always love your menus. A Southern girl always appreciates Southern food I guess. We’re doing appetizer night too.

  4. Cooking and the City says

    Delicious menu! Happy 2009 to you & yours Jerri 🙂

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