Works for Me Wednesday: Ultimate Fudge Truffles, An Easy Treat for The Holidays

The Thanksgiving/Christmas season will soon be upon us, which means millions of people will be flocking to the massive store displays of baking ingredients and returning home to their kitchens to create an array of cakes, cookies, and confections. Yum!

I love this time of year, and I love baking. But I sometimes dread making Christmas candy. I, of course, love the end result and enjoy eating the fruits of my labor. But I think my candy making process sometimes looks a lot like Lucy and Ethel in the chocolate factory.

That’s why I love recipes like the one I posted last week for my recipe of the week. The unbaked caramel cookies were quick and easy to make, and the process didn’t totally destroy my clean kitchen. Here’s another easy treat that you can make for for this holiday season:

Betty Crocker’s Ultimate Fudge Truffles are a great treat that you can make in minutes. These are perfect to carry to a Thanksgiving or Christmas party or to stuff in your Christmas candy gift baskets. You only need a couple of ingredients to go along with the kit, and the process is simple.

Simply mix the ingredients, heat in the microwave, spread out the batter, and let it set for a few minutes. Then cut the batter and form into balls. You can then roll them in the topping of choice. The kit comes with cocoa to roll the truffles in, but I chose, instead, to leave some plain while dipping others in powdered sugar or sprinkles. You could also use chopped nuts or give them a drizzle of caramel or fudge. The kit even comes with little wrapper/cups to put the truffles in.

This and other dessert kits are great if you don’t have time to look up a bunch of recipes and shop for a bunch of ingredients, or if you’re just not a skilled baker. It can also save you a lot of money because you’re not having to puchase an entire cart full of ingredients.

I totally recommend this kit to all you chocolate lovers out there and to anyone who, like me, loves to eat candy and treats and is looking for something easy & quick to make.

Post Update: I should mention that these truffles remind me more of fudge brownies than of the little truffles you get in the store with the chocolate shell. If you want a chocolate shell on them, I guess it would be easy enough to melt a couple of squares of bakers chocolate and dip them. But again, I love them as is, and my husband liked them too. (And he’s not even a choc-o-holic!)

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  1. The Caked Crusader says

    “fudge” + “truffle”. What’s not to love!

  2. KrustyTheCat says

    I saw these at Wal Mart, and was thinking of buying them. I’m off to the store in the morning, thanks for the idea!!!

  3. These look great. I would have never thought they would turn out looking so good. Great tip. Thanks.

  4. Jen @ Mommay's Mayhem says

    I have never seen these! I’m making truffles for my cookie exchange from the Kraft website. I might have to throw in a few of these too if I can find them!

  5. YUM! They look delish!

  6. My Hubbie LOVES truffles. I had no idea there was a mix! COOL!

  7. The Happy Housewife says

    Those look great! Sounds like a fun project to do with the kids!

  8. Jerri - Simply Sweet Home says

    caked crusader – I agree!

    krustythecat – glad to help you make the purchasing decision

    debbie – Thanks. Though I’m sure other people could probably make them a little cuter than mine!

    Jen – I agree. If you’re already making stuff, this would be a good addition.

    sherry, tammy, and the happy housewife – Thanks! It is a neat a little product and fun project that I recommend.

  9. My Trendy Tykes says



  10. interesting… haven’t seen these yet! Thanks for the tip.

  11. these are yummy and easy, but my local store isnt carrying them anymore, I think though, that maybe I can recreate with brownie mix….

    Can anyone provide me with the measurements on the box?

  12. Jerri - Simply Sweet Home says

    mummsy, I no longer have the box & I can't remember what the measurements were. If I run across it in the store, I'll take a look at the box & update the post for you.

  13. Cooking and the City says

    Jerri what a handy, quick idea, great! hope they’re available here in Aus 🙂

  14. Oh my what treats we have here and they all look great Jerri!

    Rosie x

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