Easy & Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas

When I first started the blog last year, I began writing down a ton of post ideas, and of course once you start writing them all down, you never can get to them all. Anyway, I came across a list of “easy” Halloween costumes last year, and it prompted me to make my own list.

Most of these ideas, you can actually buy a costume for at Wal-mart or a costume store, but they can also be made using items you have around the house, or at least partially in addition to buying one or two accent pieces or props. Either way, these costumes are easy and inexpensive, and a few of the them would be quite interesting to see!

Witch/Wizard – wear all black, plus at a hat & broom.
Angel – wear all white, plus wings and a halo, which can be purchased at a costume store, or make your using wire (such as from a coat hanger) and cover it with material (for the wings) and glitter (for the halo.
Doctor wear a labcoat and carry a toy/home stethoscope
Jailbird – wear black/white stripes
Cat – wear all black, and purchase ears/tail from costume shop, or make your own
Leopard/Tiger – same as cat, except wear the color of print for the animal you desire
Devil – dress in red, wear a cape/horns/tail. and carry a pitchfork
Cow – a friend of mine had a very cute homemade cow costumes. the pants were made from cowprint fabric, and then she wore a white sweatshirt and hotglued black spots made from felt onto it. (this could be done to make the pants if you can’ts sew)
Vampire – dress in black, and wear a cape & vampire teeth
Ghost – wear a white sheet. And for fun, if you have an old sheet that you never use anymore, you can cut a bunch of holes in it, and be Charlie Brown dressed as a ghost.
Cop – black pants & button up shirt, plus carry a badge & gun
Mail carrier – Wear Navy shorts & blue shirt (or wear brown and go as a UPS man)
Farmer – wear overalls or jeans with a plaid shirt, and perhaps a hat
Baby/kid – wear pajamas and put your hair in pigtails, carry a stuffed animal
Caesar -use a sheet or white material to make a toga, and wear a wreath on your head and sandals on your feet.
Athlete or Fan – wear a jersey of your favorite time. To dress as a fan, paint your face and carry a sign.
French Maid – Black dress/apron
Waitress – same as french maid, only with different colors
Tv Character – maybe someone from the Brady Bunch or Saved by the Bell, or perhaps The Fonz – just wear clothes from that time period

And now for a few unique concepts:
Store Shelf – save food boxes or other items and attach them to a piece of poster board, and attach the poster board to yourself (use pins or tie around you with string)
Bouquet of Flowers – buy several bunches of fake flowers & attach them to an old sweatshirt
Stop sign – make a big stop sign out of red poster board and attach it to your clothes
Playing Card -same concept as stop sign, only make a playing card design
Leftover – wrap yourself in tin foil
Block of Cream Cheese – wrap a box in tin foil, then cut holes in the box for your head/arms.
Mr. Clean – Jeans, white t-shirt, earring, and perhaps carry a mop or shirt. (I always joke with my dad, who’s hairless, that he should dress as Mr. Clean) I also think it would be cute to make a costume for other advertising icons like Mrs. Butterworth, the Pillsbury Doughboy, or perhaps a character from some Cereal commercial.
Blogger – This one would be funny & cute, if you have the stuff to do it with. Either use a kid’s toy laptop, or make something that looks like a laptop (maybe get a pizza box or cereal box and paint it). And then just find a way to attach it to your hip!

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