A Few Good Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast foods are some of my favorite things to eat, but if you eat it day after day before getting ready for school or work, it can get old, especially if you make the same dishes over and over again. I looked around for some breakfast recipes that were a little different and unique to share with you. Here are a few photos and links of some that I found.

I’ve tasted a few different recipes for Breakfast Casserole, but none of them had waffles in them. And since bacon tastes so good with pancakes and waffles, why not add a few other ingredients and just mix it all up.

Breakfast Tacos

Like a breakfast burrito, except all the toppings are a pancake. Personally I think I would like a little bacon and hashbrowns on mine.

Breakfast Pizza

At cdkitchen.com they have several different recipes for Breakfast Pizza. The link should take you to their list of recipes.

Breakfast in a Cup

I thought this Paula Deen recipe looked very interesting. It’s definitely a great method of putting together and presenting your old breakfast favorites in a very unique way.

Sausage Breakfast Cups

This one looks like a fancy gourmet recipe, but it’s actually made with refrigerated biscuits and is very easy to make.


  1. Interesting to know what people in eat for breakfast.

    I have different types of soft bread, crisp bread, cold cuts, cheese, egg, toast with marmelade or honey, juice, cereals or granola with milk or yoghurt and coffee.

  2. eatme_delicious says

    Wow waffle breakfast casserole! That’s something different.

  3. Karin – Your breakfasts are a little different from mine. I grew up eating pancakes w/ bacon & sausage every Sunday. And for the rest of the week, there'd be cereal, oatmeal, toast, eggs, bacon, fried bologna, and of course biscuits! In choosing which recipes to feature in this post, I tried to go with some that included my favorite breakfast foods.

    eatme delicious – glad you like the waffle casserole. I said "wow" when I saw the recipe too!

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