Arranging the Move…Sooner Than We Thought

Talk about a time crunch….it’s only a week till our planned move, and there is a ton to do. Originally we had planned to move at the end of the month (2 weeks from today), but my stepfather called me today and informed me that the moving company that does moves for his company is going to be in the Florida area next week, and will then be going up to North Alabama in an empty truck….well, obviously that’s a big waste of gas and company time, so he asked his contact at the moving company, “what if they didn’t have to come back up here in an empty truck?” Long story short, because they were going to have to drive up and waste time and gas anyway, the lady agreed to move our stuff for a very good rate. For about $500 they will come get our stuff and unload it at the house. The lady also agreed to store our stuff in their warehouse for a couple of weeks, if our house is not ready to be moved into (which undoubtedly, it will not be ready).

Well, we couldn’t ask for a better deal. To rent a truck and trailer it was going to cost about $360, plus the cost of gasoline. Plus, we were going to have to make 2 trips: one next week in the truck and car (so we could take 2 vehicles up and leave one there) and then a second one with our car and the moving truck. So this will definitely save us time, gas, and money, and save us from making an extra 10 hour round trip. And best of all, someone will be moving the stuff for us, and we won’t have to go begging others to come help us load up the stuff. (and my husband tends to get grumpy on moving day, so maybe he’ll be less stressed) So that should work out real nicely.

As for the house, I talked with my mom yesterday to find out how the renovations were going….she said it was going “slow.” Okay….so some of work will not be done when we get there…well, we expected that, but we’d rather get there before the work is done, so that we can actually do some of the work ourselves, and so that we can start our new jobs. I do hate that we’ll be living in limbo for a week or two, while we wait for our house to be finished, but every rose has its thorn.


  1. Wishing you all the best Jerri on your move 🙂

    Rosie x

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