Energy Independence Day

If you’re like me, you love the idea of having alternative energy sources. However, you realize that even though these alternatives may be available in the near future, there will still be a huge demand for oil. And even though alternatives may be readily available in the next few years, there are a lot of people who will not be able to afford such alternatives and will have to continue driving cars that run on gasoline.

I like to use my dad as an example. He’s worked in a plant of his life, and he’s never made a lot of money. Much of his income goes toward bills, and after that there’s little to spare for extra stuff. A lot of people’s answer to the gasoline consumption “crisis” is to use less. But my dad couldn’t possibly use less. He drives to work 5 or 6 days a week and does a few general errands around town. Everywhere he goes is within a ten or fifteen minute drive from his house, except for his church which is a little farther out in the country. In short, he couldn’t possibly consume less.

I know there are a lot of people out there that are just like my dad, in that they live in a small town or a rural area that does not have public transportation, and their job is too far away for them to walk. And in many cases, due to health problems or because they have to send kids to college, or whatever reason, they are on a tight budget. These are the kinds of people that need the relief most, and yet these are the very people who can’t afford Hybrids or other new technologies that may become available in the future.

In fact, my dad has never had a brand new car since I’ve been alive. The car he drives now is a mid 90s model car that has about 200K miles on it. He’s thinking of getting something with a little less mileage on it soon, but I can tell you right now, it will not be brand new, and it won’t be a Hybrid. And whenever other energy sources do become available, I doubt that he’ll be able to afford that either.

They say that if the bill to drill for oil had not been vetoed in the 90s, we’d already be reaping the benefits of these valuable resources now. Prices would be lower, and we would be less dependent on resources from foreign countries. It’s tragic that the bill was not signed into law, but it’s not to late to correct the mistake. I think this is a time when we should put all politics aside and do what’s right for American families, for workers and for consumers. Unfortunately there are many who don’t agree.

American Solutions is a non-partisan organization thats goal is to get beyond the partisan gridlock and have cooperation to come up with solutions to Americas problems. They focus on a variety of issues from education to Social Security, and many more. Currently they are working on a campaign to secure America’s energy future. They advocate a variety of new energy alternatives and tax credits to companies that come up with ways to utilize these alternatives. They’ve also said that it will take an effort of massive proportions to have energy independence.

And one key component to energy indendence is the ability to use our own oil resources. This 4th of July I’d like to invite everyone to join the movement. Sign the “Drill Now” petition, and find out what else you can do help us achieve energy independence.

Thanks for Reading and Have a Happy 4th of July!

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