Tips & Must Haves for the Perfect Summer Party, Part 1

It takes proper planning and organization to have a successful party at any time of the year. But no matter how much planning we do, there’s always a chance that we’ll forget something. So I’m making a list of tips and must haves for your summer parties and backyard barbecues. Part one will have some general tips, and part 2 will having some tips concerning food and drinks.

  • Try to place chairs in a shaded area under some trees, or set up a big tent, canopy, or an umbrella to provide shade.
  • Make sure you have plenty of chairs. It’s much better to have extra chairs than to not have enough. Consider renting some chairs, or check out the selection at the local dollar store. Or ask some of your guests to bring extra chairs to the party.
  • If your party will be held outside, purchase a couple of electric fans to create a nice breeze.
  • Be sure to turn on ceiling fans and turn the thermostat down in the house for people who want to sit inside. Homes are always hotter when there’s a lot of people inside, especially if you’ve been cooking. Not to mention, people will be going in and out the door, letting the hot air in.
  • Be sure to purchase plenty of ice and have plenty of drinks on hand, especially bottled water, tea, or lemonade/punch. I also recommend Kool Aid, Powerade, or juice boxes for the kids.
  • Use Off candles, mosquito coils, and other repellants to keep bugs away.
  • As the party host, it is your obligation to have things on hand that your guests may need. Make sure that you have the following: Off bug repellent, OTC pain relievers, sunscreen, band-aids and other first aid items, Benadryl/corizone cream for bug bites, and a sting kit.
  • If you’re having a family party, be sure that you have a kick ball or some other recreational equipment for the kids to play with so that the adults can talk.


  1. The Fritz Facts says

    Such great tips! Thanks!

  2. Elizabeth says

    great advise!

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