Our New Additions: Rebel & Dixie

I just had to do a post on our new kitty cats. My mom’s cat had 4 kittens at the end of March, and we decided to take a couple off of her hands. I was unsure about getting them at first because we live in an apartment, and I’ve never had an inside cat, but my husband convinced me that I’d love it. So I picked out the gray cat. Then on the night we came over to get him, we were watching them all play, and my husband convinced me that we really needed 2, because if we just took one, it would have nobody to play with. So he got his pick of the litter too. (I think he’s gone soft!)

So here are Rebel (left) and Dixie (right). As you know, we’re both into history. And my husband thought it would be funny to name the cat Johnny Reb because of his gray color. Then I suggested that we just call him Rebel for short. On the way home, were talking about what to call the other cat, and I suggested that we call her Dixie/Dixie Belle. Ya know, so their names would go together.
They love to play together and fight all over the house. Though in this picture, they almost look like their sharing a laugh and a hug. Dixie’s a lot smaller than Rebel, but she’s feisty and fearless.

Dixie is the ultimate lap kitty. Whenever she gets tired, she finds the nearest lap to sit in and get petted, and if you aren’t sitting down, she will follow you around, stare at you, and give you the “broken meow” until she can convince you to do what she wants.

She’s also just a little bit stingy. She likes to take the toys away from Rebel, and the other night my husband was petting Rebel, and she swatted at his hands, and then laid across Rebel, so that she could be petted instead of him. But she’s a very playful and sweet Kitty too.

Here she is kissing my husband. Yes, she is doing this voluntarily. Sometimes my husband puckers up first, and other times she actually climbs on him and starts licking his lips. It is so cute and funny. If I can get a good video of it, I’ll post it here.

Rebel “loves” the camera. Well, maybe he doesn’t love it, but he does seem very photogenic. He was the Mama’s boy of the litter and kind of a “scaredy cat.” He was often found hiding in a corner. In fact, he was terrified the night we brought him home with us, but he’s adjusted very well. He seems to love it here, and he is becoming quite the adventurer.

When Rebel’s not fighting with Dixie or playing Kitty Soccer, he is pretty much a self-entertainer. Here he shows us his self-entertaining skills, playing with a toy mouse. He’s also fascinated by books, newspapers, and the golf channel.

Here he is sleeping. He’s not as much of a lap kitty as his sister, but he does like to be close to someone when he goes to sleep. Tonight he actually went to sleep with his paws wrapped around my husband’s finger. Isn’t he sweet?

Well, that’s all for now. Sorry if you don’t like cats, but I just love these guys and had to share them!


  1. That Girl says

    Your husband sounds like a great guy with a smart head on his shoulders!

  2. ValleyGirl says

    Ooooo, they’re SO STINKIN’ CUTE!! Kittens are so funny. Our mama cat is almost ready to pop, so we’ll have some new ones soon, too!

  3. Elizabeth says

    my hubby does not want a cat again but I am hoping Tulip will convince him in a few years.

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