Menu Plan Monday for June 16

My menu for the end of the week is kind of “up in the air.” I’m supposed to go out of town this weekend. I have a dental appointment back home, that is scheduled for next Monday, but if decide to go I’d have to leave on Friday, because Saturday traffic is unpredictable, and on Sunday the traffic will be crazy, as people will be driving home from the beach (the same direction I’d be coming from). I also have some other business to tend to back home (though it doesn’t have to be done this week).

The only thing is that my husband can’t go this time, and I hate making the drive by myself. I’ve done it several times before, but I don’t like doing it. Plus, I hate being away for a long weekend, because it always puts me behind. So I’m still thinking about whether I want to go for sure, or whether I’d rather cancel my appointment and go another time. Either way, we’ll probably just go out to eat this weekend or have something simple like sandwiches or hamburgers.

Here’s what else I’m planning:

Monday – Leftovers from Last week
Tuesday – Chicken, cooked w/ chili powder & topped with cheese. With rice, beans, and nachos.
Wednesday – Hamburger steak w/ gravy, mashed potatoes, peas, and biscuits
Thursday – Eating out – probably pizza
Friday-Sunday – not sure

Have a great week!


  1. Looks like a great week!


  2. Great menu, everything looks yummy!

    My Menu Plan

  3. Erica @ Cook Quick Easy Recipes says

    Nice menu. I can always go for a slice of pizza! Have a safe trip 🙂

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