Burgers on the Grill

If you think, a burger is a burger, think again. There are a ton of burger recipes out there, for any and all kinds of people, regardless of your personal style and tastes. Personally I prefer the “traditional” version. I usually use Dale’s Sauce for a marinade, and it is just awesome! I also remember when I was young, my dad cooking up some burgers on the stove, marinaded in Dale’s Sauce and cooked with some onions and sometimes green peppers. Very good!

Here’s a list of links to some great burger recipes…many of them have a special twist and there’s also some links to some grilling tips as well. For your viewing pleasure, I’ve also included a few tasty and “interesting” burger photos from BHG’s 21 Great Burgers! Suddenly I’ve got a craving for a burger & fries…hmmm. Enjoy!

Latino Barbecue Burger

Chuckwagon Goat Cheese Burgers with Onion Jam

Southern Style Hamburgers

Blue Cheese Vidalia Onion Burger

Cajun Chicken Burger

Hawaiian Chicken Burger


  1. ValleyGirl says

    Wow, my mouth is watering like you wouldn’t believe right now!!! In some ways, this was definitely the WRONG time of year to start Weight Watchers!!! Guess I just have to work a little harder in the yard before supper….

    I LOVE burgers. I think I could be very happy eating burgers every single night of the week. They’re so versatile and hearty. Mmmmmmmm, mouth watering again…. must wipe drool off keyboard…

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