10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Sometimes it seems like women (namely, mothers) are the hardest people to buy for. Since Mother’s Day is coming up this week, I decided to do a few posts on gift ideas. Here’s a list of general gift ideas for you to keep in mind this week as you search for the perfect gift for your own mom, or for other moms you know.

1. Flowers – A boquet, or better yet a potted plant that your mom can take care of.
2. A picture frame – What mom doesn’t love picture frames? And for a personalized touch, include a family photo a picture of your little ones.
3. Coffee cups, shirts, and other personalized items – I just love all these kits out on the market today, where you can take a photograph and have it printed on a picture frame, a coffee cup, and other items.
4. Clothing, jewelry & handbags – If your mom doesn’t buy a lot of clothes and other items for herself, this could be a good gift idea for you.
5. Knick knacks & collectibles – My mom is a big collector…everything from Barbies to antiques to Halmark Ornaments and Beanies, to Mickey Mouse toys and Bird plates…. She’s hard to buy for because she has everything she needs, so when all else fails, I get her something to add to her collection.

6. Candies, cakes, and treats – Get your mom some fancy chocolates or a gourmet cheesecake, or present her with your own homebaked masterpiece.

7. Photo album or scrapbook – Mom’s and grandmoms love pictures of the kids. Put together a photo album or scrapbook of the kids. This way your mom will have all their photos preserved without all the work.

8. Craft and scrapbook supplies – If your mom sews, scrapbooks, or does any other kind of crafting, you could buy her some supplies or get her a gift certificate to the craft store.

9. Salon/Spa Day – Get your mom a gift certificate for a day at the spa or a beauty salon, or better yet make it a mother-daughter day of it. Take your mom out for a morning at the salon, followed by lunch and an afternoon of shopping. Or share a day of pampering at a dayspa.

10. Dinner – Take your mom out for dinner, invite her over to your place for dinner, or bring the homecooked meal to her.


  1. ValleyGirl says

    These are great ideas! We live 6 hours away from both sets of parents, so these occasions are always kinda tough to observe. In the past we’ve bought flowers from one of their local florists and had them delivered, but for the most part, we have a hard time coming up with new, inexpensive ideas that don’t involve shipping charges!

  2. Love your idea of flowers as mother’s day gift….. have also bought some from Grower Flowers.

  3. TheChinaPainter says

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
    Great ideas for Mother’s Day gifts. I have received the roses and the pictures already. Tomorrow will be a home cooked (?) meal. Anyway, a meal at our oldest son’s house is the fare for tomorrow.
    Even as a newly wed, may this be a memorable day for you. You now have 2 mothers to honor on their special day.

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