Works for Me Wednesday: Bundinos, A New Snack to Try

Hello everyone. For the first time, I’m doing a Works for Wednesday post. It is a blog carnival on Rocks in my Dryer. Since I already have MPM, Recipe of the Week, and other posts to do every week, for right now I won’t be participating in WFMW every week, but I’ll try to participate as much as I can.

For this post, I wanted to introduce a new product to you. It is called Bundinos, and it is found in the frozen section. After a little research I found that these are made from the same company that makes Michelina’s frozen dinners, which has a great line of frozen pastas.

Bundinos are sort of a cross between mini pizza rolls and hot pockets. They are essentially meat, cheese, and other fillings inside of grilled, oven-baked bread. They are a little over in an inch wide in diameter, and they are a great for a quick, tasty, mess-free snack. They are also reasonably priced at a little over $2 for a box of 9.

There were a few flavors available (and sorry I can’t remember them all). But I purchased the Chicken, Swiss, and Ham flavor, and I was highly impressed. The cheese was very creamy, and all the ingredients had a great taste. And unlike a lot of these kind of snacks, none of the filling leaked out during the cooking process, nor did it ooze out after being bitten into. So you don’t have to worry about a mess, and you can cook them up in 2 minutes or less.

Usually I’m a little picky about microwaved foods, but these were a great value, and I’ll definitely buy again! They were very flavorful and different, and I think they’re great for a quick snack or meal. And I think the kids would like them too. Overall, I give them 5 stars out of 5.


  1. lachulachica says

    I saw these for the first time the other day. I was dissappointed to find that the product didn’t look like the picture on the package at all. I expected these things to be much more plump and filled. Unfortunately They were tiny and not filled much at all. Don’t let the picture fool you. They are about the size of your palm and they are mostly bread surrounding a little bit of filling.
    They do taste good, however. I suppose they make a good snack if you have at least 2. I would just prefer that they add more filling. Maybe something to match the package…

  2. Anonymous says

    Wow, I thought they were pretty yucky and looked nothing like they do on the box cover. Funny how different people’s opinions differ ;~]. If you want to read about my experience, its at and the BUNdinos are reviewed near the top.

  3. yes, tastes do vary. I’m usually pretty picky myself. As for these, I didn’t expect them to be any bigger than Bagel Bites (little pizzas) so I wasn’t disappointed, and they were only like $2….so….it’s a pretty good value at that price.

  4. I agree with you! I bought the Chipotle Chicken and the Monteray(sp?) Turkey or whatever. I just tried the Chipotle and didn’t care for them because they are a little too spicy for me. But I LOVED the Monteray one. Easy to make, the bread was super soft and even though I cooked it a little longer, the bread didn’t get all hard and crusty like HotPockets do. Kudos on the Bundinos!

  5. Anonymous says

    just fyi…. here is my thoughts on bundinos….

    think before you buy!

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