Spring Cleaning: The Living Room & Den, Part 2

Just a few more cleaning tips to spruce up you living room area and den:

-Dusting: Remove items from your entertainment center, coffee table, etc. and dust your furniture to give it a clean shine and eliminate allergens. Also, take a moment to dust picture frames and knick knacks, and dust/clean lamps, ceiling fans, and lighting fixtures.

-Eliminate Clutter by Creating a Space – De-clutter your living room by creating a space for room-cluttering items. Purchase a media cabinet for movies, video games, etc. Purchase a toy box for quick storage of kid’s toys in the living room. Or purcahse a hall tree to hang coats, umbrellas, etc.

-De-clutter by getting rid of unwanted knick knacks and decor.

-Controllers and game clutter- Come up with a place to store video game controllers and tv remotes so that they are out of the way. Perhaps place them in a special bin or basket that looks nice or hide them away in a media cabinet.

Creating a work & hobby space – If your living room is used as a game room, hobby room, or work space, or home office/family computer area, create a designated space that is just for this purpose (perhaps in the corner), and make an effort to de-clutter and organize it.

-Windows – Take down curtains and blinds to be cleaned. Use a vacuum to clean the base of the window. Wash windows inside and out.

-Spruce up walls – Dust walls with a swiffer, wipe down base boards, and touch up scuff marks. And get rid of cobwebs in the corners.

-Rearrange: Change the look of your living room by rearranging picture frames, decor, or furniture.

-Mats & Rugs – Clean or replace rugs and mats in your living room area, especially those in high traffic areas and doorways.

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