Menu Plan Monday for March 10

Hey all. I hope you’re all enjoying the Easter and St. Patrick’s Day posts, and for all you blog partiers out there, I hope you’re having a good time.

Well, the weeks sure do go by fast. It’s time once again for Menu Plan Monday. And rather than making a big trip to the grocery store for extra stuff, this week I decided to basically do a de-cluttering of my food supply. I always do an inventory of the kitchen when making a menu just so I’ll know what items I already have, but sometimes I’ll put something on the list even if I don’t need it, just because I like to stay stocked up. (for example, I’m always buying cream of mushroom soup because it goes in so many dishes.)

Well, this week I’m skipping the shopping trip all together, and I’m making dishes that I already have supplies for. This will save me time & money at the grocery store this week, and it will totally clean out my pantry so I can have a kitchen full of fresh ingredients after my next shopping trip. Well, here’s the menu I came up with:

Monday – Mexican Chicken Casserole
Tuesday – Chicken Noodle Casserole w/ black eyed peas, corn, & biscuits
Wednesday – Sloppy Joes w/ potato salad and macaroni & cheese
Thursday – Cream of Chicken & Vegetable Soup (either with biscuits or sandwiches)
Friday – Leftovers
Saturday – Eat out or fix whatever is left in the kitchen
Sunday – Appetizers & Snacks

For other meal planning posts, visit orgjunkie. Also, for those of you who are interested, I’m going to be posting a couple of Irish recipes later this week for St. Patrick’s Day. I’ll try to put them up pretty early for anyone who might want to make them for next week. Till then, Happy Monday!


  1. it all sounds so good and taking an inventory is something I must do soon(er) than later!!! maybe that will be my Tackle it Tuesday post?!? the meals sound delicious.have a great week..

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