Easy Easter Bunny Party Favor

Here’s a cute treat that you can make for your child’s Easter party or Easter basket. As a kid, I used to love getting candies and treats with a decorative/crafty twist. But some of us were not born with the craft bone, so this post goes out to all the people who have considered themselves “craft-challenged” but are trying to get better (myself included).

For this project, you’ll need:

mini chocolate candy bars

kleenex or gift tissue

a black pen

string/ribbon/fishing line.

Take 2 or 3 candy bars and stack them on top of a piece of tissue.

Roll up the tissue with the candy inside.

After rolling up the tissue completely, the ends will be used to make bunny ears.

Grab each end of the tissue. Pull it toward the top of the “bunny head.” Twist the tissue and use string or ribbon to tie the ears tight and fluff them out till you get the desired look and shape.

Use your black pen to draw a face on your bunny.

Make a few of these and arrange them in your child’s Easter basket, or make one or two of these for each kid at your child’s Easter party.


  1. I feel like we used to have these in elementary school

  2. Awe this is so cute Jerri

    Happy Easter to you and your family

    Rosie x

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  4. What an adorable idea–and easy to boot! How fun to receive too. 🙂

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