Cute Easter Crafts

I’ve been preoccupied with a lot of stuff lately and just haven’t had as much time to post. I’d been planning to do some posts for Easter and St. Patrick’s Day since they are both coming up this month, and somehow I almost completely forgot until I looked at the calendar today. Well, anyway decided to start with an Easter Craft Post. I figure if anybody actually wants to use these ideas, I should put them out early on. I found a lot of cute ideas and am posting some of my favorites. Under each pic you’ll find a link to the actual instructions for the project, along with my comments and ideas.

I love this idea. This is a great project for home and Sunday school class. To keep costs down for a big group, you could use disposable cups instead of the clay pot, and foam balls for the head instead of wood. Either way, it’s a great craft for Christian kids & adults alike.

This one is too cute. I love the colors! It’s also great that it’s made from egg cartons. This would a cute art project for homeschoolers or regular school. Each kid could bring their own carton from home, or the teacher could collect them from family & friends.

There’s just something about chicks/peeps that I like. (and not just the marshmallow ones) This
is a good craft for all ages. The kids will love it!

Flower Pot Bunny

This was a little harder, and you need a hot glue gun, so adults will have to help the kids to do this one. I also think this would be a cute thing for craft moms to make for their kids as a present. Very nice!

Nest of Peeps

I can almost hear the chirping! This would be great for school, scouts, or home. Love it!

Easter Peep Card
I may have overdone it with the peeps, but I thought it would be good to put a card idea in here somewhere, and I thought this was the best one. Again, this is a great project for all ages and you could use this idea for school, church, or just about any group. The same concept could also be used to create a bunny card. Just use white cotton.


  1. You better get hopping on St. Patty’s day! I already have all my green decorations up!

  2. ValleyGirl says

    These are AWESOME ideas!! My girls absolutely LOVE crafts, but I seriously don’t have a crafty bone in my body. I think we’ll have to do a few of these!

  3. Kate – thanks for the tip. I’m definitely hopping. Unfortunately it all slipped up on me. With this weather we’re having, it’s hard to remember what month or season it is.

    Valleygirl – I know all about the lack of the “crafty bone.” In school my art was always the worst, but luckily I’ve gotten a little better.

  4. I’m so glad you stopped by my new blog or else I would have never found yours. I will definitely be stopping in regularly. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes on your blog.

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