Winter Sales & Closeouts

Someone pointed out to me that many of the items listed in my “liven up your winter decor” post are on sale now. This inspired me to create a small list of items that you may find on sale now and over the next few weeks in your local store.

It’s kind of crazy going to the store and seeing swimsuits & shorts when it’s forty degrees outside, but at least when they make room for the spring and summer clothes, they do it by marking down the winter stuff. This makes it the perfect time to get a few new outfits for the remainder of the season or to go ahead and buy up for next year, especially if you have kids. And it’s a great time to get a few low cost items to spruce up your home.

So over the next few weeks, be on the look out for low prices on the following:
snowmen & other winter decor items
Winter clothes – sweaters, fleece, flannel, velour, sweatshirts, jogging suits, corduroy
House shoes
Winter pajamas
Electric blankets
Winter shoes/boots
Space heaters
Blue jeans
Also, certain lines of home decor and collector’s items (knick knacks and that sort of thing) that have been on display since Christmas (or prior to the holiday season) will begin to go on sale as well to make room garden decor and other summer items.

Here’s just a few places you might want to check out for deals.
Old Navy
Closeout Central
Goody’s Family Clothing
Big Lots


  1. Thanks for the tip Jerri and we all love a bargain that’s for sure!

    Rosie x

  2. So many coupons and coupon codes on winter dresses are available Wilsons Leather store through…

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