The Small Things & My Housekeeping Mission Statement

This week I ran across a blog called Home Sanctuary. The blog’s writer Rachel Anne has come up with a great idea for 2008. She is challenging her readers to become “company girls” and participate in “Sanctuary is in the Small Things.” Each day she assigns a small task to help you make your home a sanctuary. And she’s even giving away prizes to participants. I think it sounds like a very fun and interesting concept; not to mention it could be very helpful in helping you to maintain a nice clean home. (and may even help those of you with “home” blogs to come up with new post ideas)

One of the first “Small Things” is to come up with a housekeeping mission statement. I’ve never thought about it, but most business’s have a mission statement of some sort, and blogs generally have some sort of stated purpose or mission statement. Why not have a housekeeping mission statement? Below is mine:

“I will work to maintain a neat and simple home that is organized and clutter free. It will be a warm and loving place that we will always feel happy to come home to.”

If you guys have made a resolution to organize your home or work to keep your home cleaner this year, you should definitely check it out.

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