Simply Sweet Home’s New Features

Hello everyone,

I’ve been brainstorming over the past few weeks to come up with some new features for this blog. I’ve come up with several ideas and have narrowed those down to about four or five. I’ve decided to try out these ideas and let you help me decide which ones to keep as regular features on the blog. I’ll decide which features to keep and how often to have the features based on how well I do on writing the post and based on the amount of positive post comments and emails I get.

The “unveiling” of the new feature ideas will be spread out over the next two or three weeks, and then I’ll be making my final decisions some time next month. Rather than going into the details of what each new feature will be right now, I’ll explain them individually later as they come up in future postings.

I’ll be working to get the first couple of features out this week, along with a few “regular” posts. The first new feature is “Simple Tips.” (yes, it is exactly what it sounds like.) I know it’s a common feature and even a weekly feature on a lot of blogs, but I figure I should give it a shot. After all if so many people use this feature it must be a good one.

Be sure to stop by again soon to see the new features and other news. Thanks!


  1. Hi Jerri, Looking forward to viewing over the coming weeks your new features 😀

    Rosie x

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