Baskets for Storage and Organizing

Since moving in to our new home, I’ve had to do some rearranging and reorganizing. In particular I had to find new ways to store items because I have less drawer and cabinet space. I have some different items in mind to buy for the new place (after we get some bills taken care of, that is), but in the mean time I’ve been shopping around.

One thing I’ve looked at is baskets. I’ve never been a “basket person” but they are starting to grow on me. I think it’s because I’ve begun to realize how multi-functional they are. You can store pratically anything from clothes, linens, and towels, to craft & office supplies, to books and magazines, household items, and bath and body items.

I also like these because you can place them in just about any room and they won’t clash. It’s also easy to find high quality baskets that look good without paying a fortune. (It’s one thing to find containers to organize and store stuff, it’s another thing to find containers that actually look good; with baskets you can get both, even on a low budget.)

And depending on what size you get, you can easily place them under counters, on shelves, in closets, and even under end tables or other furniture. I don’t know about you, but I like the idea of organizing something and also essentially being able to hide items away.

Here are just a few baskets that I’ve found on the internet.

Storage Basket – Natural by Organize It All

Rope Basket Set by Greenbriar Home & Garden

Wicker Waste Basket by Organize It All

Round Wicker Hamper with Lid by Organize It All

Cabana Willow Basket – Large by Greenbriar Home & Garden

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