Christmas Cupcake Designs

I’m new at cupcake decorating myself, and I am absolutely amazed at some of the cupcake designs that I find on the internet. Here are a few Christmas cupcakes for you. Even if you’re no cupcake artist, you may be able to make something similar to these, or at least ge an idea, and if nothing else, they’re very pretty to look at.

Flickr member – kagekonen

Flickr member – bakerella

Flickr member – paulahennig

Flickr member – momskitchen

Flickr member – who ate all the cupcakes

Flickr member – NZ Cupcake Queen

Flickr member – ambjer


  1. I am really feeling the christmas joy reading this one! So sweet and happy!

  2. yeah. i think that’s what it’s all about!

  3. Passionate baker...& beyond says

    Speechless! How pretty these are…great post Jerri! thanks for dropping by so I could find your place. I love the slow cooked fudge cake…looks abs scrumptious!

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